Sample Essay on How Temperature Affects Volume

How Temperature Affects Volume

To understand how temperature affects volume, it is important to know how matter works. Mater comprises of tiny
particles that have energy. Temperature is energy in form of heat. This energy is what is used in cooking food, keeping the living spaces warm and even some machinery uses heat to function. Gas is used in different parts of the world to produce heat that increases temperature.

Temperature affects different things including human beings. When temperatures are low, people start shivering. When temperatures are high, human beings start sweating. Apart from human beings, temperatures affect other substances in the environment as well. Effects of temperature on these substances affect the volume that they occupy.

For instance, the connection between volume and temperature is the basis on what thermometers work. Airtight glass tubes are the most commonly used type of thermometers. These have reservoir bulb in one end. This reservoir contains colored liquid.

Image 2The volume of this liquid increases as the temperature increases. This forces the liquid to move upward in the narrow tube. Volume of the liquid in the reservoir increases with increasing temperature forcing the liquid in the reservoir to keep moving up the tube. The numbers on the tube translates to the increasing volume of the liquid with increasing temperature.

The effect of temperature on volume is seen by the effect that the temperature has on the space that is occupied by the liquid. When temperature is increased, most substances expand. On the other hand, decreasing temperature cause the liquid to contact.

The explanation of this reaction can be derived from the behavior of atoms and their size. Everything including liquid is made of tiny particles of matter known as atoms. Even when liquid of anything is not moving, atoms are always moving. Atom of anything are always wriggling around as well as bumping into each other. This is what happens to the atoms of the liquid.

As liquid gets hotter the atoms starts moving faster or jostling around more vigorously. As such, they occupy more space increasing the volume that is occupied by the substance. Nevertheless, effect of temperature on volume differs. Some substances will occupy more volume when exposed to high temperatures than others. Others will occupy less volume when exposed to extremely low temperature.

Variation on the effect of temperature on the volume occupied by different substances depends on various factors including their molecular mass and other structural properties of the substances.

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