Sample Essay on Houston Food Bank

Houston Food Bank

Executive Summary

The Houston Food Bank provides donated food to the less fortunate under non- profit making conditions. The organization has to advertise itself to the potential donors as well as to the potential recipients of the organization’s food resources. A proposed advertisement strategy has been put in place to address the advertising challenges associated with the organization. The organization will be marketed using Ad words campaigns to create awareness of the organization’s activities as well as to attract more donors to engage in the activities of the organization.

Advertising Challenge

The Houston Food Bank is a non- governmental organization that deals in the collection and distribution of relief food to the needy within Texas (Houston Food Bank, 2017). The organization, engages in various advertising strategies including the use of the organization’s website and various social media platforms to advertise. The objectives of the advertising efforts associated with the company include to get access to potential donors for various projects addressed by the organization and to create awareness of activities of the organization. The challenge faced in this organization therefore, is to find a strategy through which the organization can be marketed to the public to achieve both objectives. The project proposes the use of strategies such as online advertisements and search engine optimization, which increase access to more information regarding the organization.

Target Audience

In the advertisement activities, the key audiences that will be targeted by the organization include potential supporters of charity organizations, those living in food deficit countries and areas as well as multi-national organizations that deal with charity events. Such organizations like Red Cross Society and the Salvation Army which contribute directly to communities experiencing various shortages have to be made aware of the services of Houston Food Bank to know where to get help when the need comes. At the same time, organizations and individuals that give to charity should be aware that there is an organization that can take their contributions at any time of the year and store them for use when the need arises. According to Liu et al (2017), advertisement for non-governmental organizations should be aimed at setting the organization apart from other NGOs as well as from governmental and profit making organizations across the world. Most of the NGOs have similar basic operation strategies and may cause confusions across the advertisement audiences.

The targeted audience does not have to belong to a particular age group but must have the psychological conviction of the importance of charity. As previously explained the objective of the advertisements is to create awareness and to persuade more donors to contribute to the cause.

Features and Benefits

Advertising an NGO comes with many features and benefits. To Houston Food Bank, the key benefit of advertising will be an increase in the number of donors as well as increase in the number of food donation recipients. The features of such adverts include imploration to voluntary activities and to willful giving. For instance, the organization’s website currently calls upon those willing to contribute their donations to do so without considering the magnitudes of their contribution. As such, the adverts have to be aimed at awareness creation rather than brand development.

Brand Image

Currently, Houston Food bank is a well known brand especially in the non- governmental organizations context. The brand has been built to be consistent in terms of deliveries and to align with the adverts associated with the company. From the advertisements depicted through the organization’s website, the brand portrayed is consistent. While most features of the marketed brand are acceptable within the proposed advertisement strategy, the new advertisements will focus more on reaching as many people as possible. This will be to portray the organization as not only consistent but also global.

Strategic Message

The key message that the adverts intend to give is that while some have more than enough to eat, there are those people who lack and that the contributions of everyone can go a long way in bringing balance between those who need and those who have enough. The message is to clearly tell the donors that they can make a difference through their contributions. On the other hand, the potential recipients receive the message that they are not alone in their struggles.


Advertising can be difficult to accomplish when the tone of the message is not appropriate for the intended message. The advertisement is intended to be formal on the donor’s message and slightly casual on the recipient’s message.

Creative Strategy

To achieve the objectives of the advertisement, two campaigns will be run parallel to each other. The campaign strategy will involve the use of Ad words campaigns to increase the traffic to the organizational website. The campaign for donors will indicate that the organization acts as an interface between those who have enough and the potential recipients of donations. On the other hand, the campaign for the recipients will include the advocacy for better access to organizational services. The campaigns will be carried out through a period of two months. Within the first two weeks, the campaigns will be administered more aggressively, with follow- ups on the click through rates and the cost per click factors. Each of the ads has to be as creative as possible, and capable of drawing and sustaining the attention of the readers (Terkan, 2014).

Evaluation of the ads’ effectiveness will be conducted based on the planned budgetary objectives of the organization. The costs intended for the process should be not more than $ 300 over the intended campaign period. In order to accomplish this objective, a working link to the organizational website must be available. It may also be necessary to use the organizational logo and some pictures. Moreover, the Ad words campaigns are payable according to the number of words in the campaign hence the campaigns will be accomplished with the least possible number of words.


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