Sample Essay on Hinduism Views on Homosexuality

Hinduism Views on Homosexuality

The terms lesbians and gays have been making news on daily basis. Whether there are apologists all over in the streets in many parts of the world or its news penalties on individuals who have violated certain rules has become a way of life. Homosexuality has always been seen as a sin from the religious perspective. Hinduism is one of the common religions that have contributed a lot on how many cases of homosexuality should be handled. Views on homosexuality have also differed among many people in the world.

The issue of homosexuality in Hinduism is quite contentious among Hindus in countries where sexual behavior towards partners of same sex and gender is generally accepted. The Hinduism views on homosexuality are diverse and vary greatly because the accepted Hindu religion writings do not clearly mention homosexuality. Because of the many types of religious life, homosexuality matter has become quite complex among Hindus.  For instance, the twice-born Hindus are forbidden from any homosexual acts.

Surprisingly, the legendary Kama Sutra asserts that homosexuals should engage and enjoy the act for their own sake Image 2and as one of the arts. Hence, Hindu evaluation of homosexuality depends on the context. All in all, there is a complex history on homosexuality in India. The ancient texts like Rig Veda [1500BC], effigies and vestiges clearly depict sexual acts between women as revelations of a feminine world where sexuality was based on fertility and pleasure.

There have been unmatched variances between Hindus as to where homosexuality is an accepted behavior. The debated has always been immense and based on the background of Hinduism’s teachings on love, marriage and sex. In Hinduism, love is depicted as an external force, devotion between two people whether romantic or nonsexual.  On top of this, erotic desire of kama in Hinduism was believed as one of the most legal pleasures of the world. Notably, this did not allow Hindus to engage on lustful behaviors.

Premarital sex is disregarded in Hinduism while extramarital sex is illegal. Sex is promoted in the context of heterosexual where a couple is able to express its desires without any societal shortcomings.  In today’s India, transgendered men “Hijras” are known to have sex with men. They are religiously identified as a separate third sex where many have to undergo ritual castration. In India, a man who penetrates a Hijras is not seen as or defined as gay. In Kama Sutra, sexual acts involving homosexuals are acceptable in some backgrounds and not in others.

Many opponents of homosexuality in Hinduism argue that romantic love is only natural between opposite sex and it is not possible for two men or women to experience similar kind of love. Since romantic love is experienced between men and women, any acts of homosexual are due to lust and lust is wrong. Marriage in Hindu community plays great roles and Prajaa [the offspring of perpetuation of one’s family] is one of great roles. For homosexuals, it is hard to procreate after marriage. Premarital and extramarital sex is wrong and so homosexual cannot marry and so they should not engage in any sexual acts.

For the supporters of homosexuality they argue that nowhere in Hindu sacred texts is romantic love excluded to all but man and woman. There are no religious grounds to make a statement to the contrary. Due to the fact that homosexuals can experience romantic love, homosexual relationships are all not products of covetousness. Supporters of homosexuality also argue that Prajaa is not a key factor in Hindu marriages; it can also be interpreted in ways that do not involve procreation. At last, proponents also argue that, sexual expression within a loving affiliation is spurred by Hinduism as it is not an expression of lust. Hence, homosexuals should be allowed to enjoy and express their love sexually.

Indeed, homosexuality is a conflicting issue in Hinduism, but the involved parties should come up with great ways to tackle this issue at hand. Both Hindu leaders and religious leaders need to lay proper framework on solving this issue on Hindu perspective but not by following social customs blindly and copying the other religions.

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