Sample Essay on Hinduism Beliefs about God

Hinduism Beliefs about God

Hinduism beliefs about God holds that there is existence of one true god called Brahman. However, Brahman exists in different forms. According to the teachings of Hinduism, there is the existence of a single true god who is the supreme spirit. His many forms pervade the entire universe. A sacred syllable Aum or Om symbolizes him.

According to Hindus, Brahman is always present in all human beings as an eternal spirit or the soul known as the atman. Brahman has everything, destruction, creation, female and male, evil and good, stillness and movement. Brahman has three major aspects that are expressed in trimurti. These are:

  • Shiva, who is the destroyerImage 2
  • Vishnu, who is the preserver
  • Brahma, who is the creator

Hinduism teaches that liberation is the best solution to a problem and not death. Salvation can only be attained through discipline, self-surrender, austerities and devotion as well as the grace of God and guru. Hinduism embraces diverse beliefs about God. This is a fact that initially can be confusing to people who are accustomed to confessions, carefully-worded beliefs and creeds.

A person can believe different things concerning God as well as the universe and path that lead to liberation yet still remain a Hindu. This explains the origin of the saying that is common among the Hindus that, “Truth is one; sages call it by different names”. There are also beliefs about God and the universe that are common to almost all types of Hinduism that are easy to identify.

The basic beliefs of Hinduism are considered as the boundaries outside which there are non-Hinduism religion and heresy. The fundamental beliefs in Hinduism include the Vedas authority and the Brahmans authority. Vedas refers to the oldest sacred text among the Indians. Brahmans are the priests.

Another fundamental belief in Hindu is the existence of a soul that is enduring and one that transmigrates from a single body to a different one at death through reincarnation. Hindus also believe in the laws of Karma. Karma is the law that determines the destiny of an individual both in the current life and in the next life.

It is important to note that specific beliefs about gods or God are not usually considered as an essential in Hinduism. This makes Hinduism different from monotheistic religions such as Islam and Christianity. Most Hindus follow one of the major gods devotedly. These are Vishnu, Shiva or Shakti.

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