Sample Essay On Gun Control

Sample Essay On Gun Control






Gun Control

Imagine yourself owning a gun. What would you do? How would you use it? In deed the ownership of guns in any society is two-sided. In recent, the use and ownership of firearms has become a debatable issue, especially in the United States. This has attracted a variety of views with some people proposing the legalization of ownership and use of guns while others are against the whole idea. Opponents argue that there is need for restricted usage and possession of firearms. Whilst there is a host of firearms, commonly used ones include automatic weapons, shot and long guns, and hand guns among others. There are laws all over the world, which guide the use and ownership of all types of weapons. These guidelines constitute what is commonly known as gun policies. Nonetheless, implementation of these rules has not been possible because guns are easily available on black market (Lott, 2013).

What would be the effect of controlling ownership of guns? Controlling gun use is the best approach in minimizing crime committed by armed citizens (Lott, 2013). In the United States, statistics show that guns are mostly used in homicide and suicide cases. At least 30,000 people die annually as a result of intentional or accidental pulling of the trigger. Shooting in the United States has also been linked to the deaths of the prominent, like President Lincoln, who was shot in 1865 by John Booth. Additionally, learning institutions attract illegal gun usage, resulting in deaths and injuries. The shooting at the Virginia Tech in 2007 led to the death several teachers and students. Oftentimes, guns are used to commit crime, where criminals rob innocent citizens.

Gun control has the capacity to lower cases of unlawful ownership and use of firearms. This is because people who commit these guns get discouraged due to the fear of being fought back by the law. Did you know that domestic violence is largely attributed to easy accessibility to guns? Several surveys have revealed that families, which own guns, are at higher risk of experiencing fatal conflicts because of gun usage. This is attributed to the fact that one may resort to shooting out of anger. Gun control would therefore prevent such death and injuries.



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