Sample Essay on Goodness of UN PRI

Goodness of UN PRI

The UN PRI organization is an investor plan that is supported by the United Nations. Its focus is mainly on responsible investment. The body is so far quite good and successful in assisting investors to integrate good practices in their activities and investment processes. Besides, it also seeks to promote and enhance sustainable financial markets. As a result of this, the organization is a network of international investors with the commitment of putting together its six principles into action.

For example, in January 2009, investors whose values surpassed the $3 trillion mark launched an initiative to assist in boosting the corporate responsibility with regards to the UN PRI principles. This is a revelation that as an organization, UN PRI initiative is good and many investors have great belief in it. In the same way, during the crisis of 2007, quite a number of investors joined the initiative of the UN PRI. This is an indication that the organization can be of help during times of economic crises.

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The increase in the number of members of the UN PRI has been impacted by two good qualities of the body. The organization holds the belief that even in times of global financial turmoil; many investors are convinced that the consideration of various factors like climate change, socio-environmental elements and good governance in the process of making investment decisions and exercising ownership is very critical. On the other hand, this impacts responsible investment as an aggregate for long term benefits. The organization ensures that long term results are achieved on investment despite the conditions of the market. This is acquired through appropriate consideration of social, environmental and governance matters.

Members of UN PRI also have the opportunity of maintaining responsible asset ownership as a group with various investors instead of a single entity. As a result of this, the joint initiative supports the sustainability of entrepreneurship that benefits all the investors, owners and communities. Several companies are already experiencing the benefits of the integration of the UN PRI’s six principles. This points out that the organization is a unique venture that is quite good.

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