Sample Essay on Glial Cells

Glial Cells


The role of Glial cells is interesting based on shocking revelation. For many years now, neuroscientists did not think highly of the cells. Their concentration was mainly on neurons that were seen as the major communicating cells in the nervous system and in the brain. Recent studies however prove beyond doubt that the glia is crucial in the body just like neurons.

There are neuroscientists that assert that without the calls, neurons may fail to carry out their roles efficiently. Images and listening instrument reveal a direct relationship between neurons and glia in relation to communication. This also reveals that without the cells, the neurons may not work properly.

Glial Cells

It would be interesting to learn what motivated Pathologist, Thomas Harvey to take Einstein’s brain home. The results of such an action are very significant especially in contemporary Psychology. Neuroscientists cannot therefore overlook the role of the cells in the human body. The most amazing revelation is that the cells may not be actually responsible for communication as perceived for a long time because the role of neurons comes from the efforts of Thomas Harvey.

There is also solid evidence that glia is essential to learning, creation of memories and repair of nerve damage. Even though relevant research studies to confirm this is are still in progress, there is still a good reason for scientists to reach such a conclusion because of enhanced imaging and tools have been utilized in the research.

The most significant revelation is that many neuroscientists may not agree with the fact that glia and that neurons work in cooperation with the spinal cord and the brain. The neurons act as communication agents through long axons, and the dendrite to additional neurons but the astrocyte glia transports nutrients and other synapses. This shows that glia just like neurons is significant in the body.

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Other types of glial cells are also essential in medical world because specialists associate them with treatment of some diseases. Schwan glia for example can be used in treatment of nerve disease. Other glia cells transport nutrients from capillaries to nerve endings. Such a role signifies that if glial cells are not functioning well, nerves can develop complications.

6Occasional communication between glial cells is also essential in ensuring proper functioning of body organs. Schwan glia can be used to treat nerves including MS because they surround tangential nervous system. Another scientific finding is based on the axons ability to manage Gilas existence. Glial cells are therefore able to detect the actions of neurons through ATP, discharged by axons only.

Glia cells can then pass over the message to other cells and get ability to manage synapses. The present studies reveal the cells determine the number of synapses that can be created by solitary neuron and location of the neuron. Astrocyte glia is central in this part and growing neurons with a small amount of the cells leading to low synapse numbers.


These studies no doubt reveal that there is need to adopt Einstein’s advice of thinking outside the norm. Assuming that neurons are central components of the body needed for intelligence creation in the brain and for communication purposes, has limited discoveries from neuroscientists based on the role of the cells. The role played by the human brain cells cannot also be over expressed because they are equally essential for proper functioning of the body.

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