Sample Essay on Florida Forever Act

Florida Forever Act

Funding by the state under Florida Forever Act ought to be used in obtaining isolated, small habitant remnants that lack connection to the larger conservation area land. The program is very important because it offers protection to the environment as well as the habitats. The aim of this program is to eliminate land fragmentation while protecting the endangered animal.

The wildlife is given refuge by the Florida Forever Act which allocates lands for them so that they can move more freely. This act aims at ensuring that biological diversity, integrity and refuge system of a healthy environment are maintained (Chapin et al. 34). The state should acquire small lands since the wildlife relies on such environments.

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According to a study done in the peninsular state, Florida, where geographical connectivity was discretely limited, every increasing sprawling and population led to a high rate at which open space, wildlife territory and landscapes disappeared (Chapin et al. 38). The areas that naturally are undisturbed are increasingly becoming fragmented. More and more species are being endangered. In solving this problem, researchers in Florida use ecological Greenways.

Funding by the state under Florida Forever Act is important for the conservation of habitats and land. However, this task is not just challenging but costly as well. Other organizations must support it. How small lands are acquired is another problem. It cannot be proven that justice is administered in the acquisition of these lands. No assurance to show that the owners of these lands are paid when they offer to sell them.

In a nutshell, the small lands that are acquired promote land and habitats conservation. Their management eliminates the problem of land fragmentation. This has created recreational centers which are very attractive.

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