Sample Essay on Feelings and thoughts with others

Feelings and thoughts with others

            I am always reserved when sharing my emotions with people. This reservation is due to the expressive space I have of the public. Reservation in sharing information further offers psychological security. This often occurs when I have not made a good rapport with new people. I have understood from the study that personal space needs to be maintained at all times. Private space differs with the rapport formed in connecting any two groups. For instance, information shared among married couple may be more intimate and different from information shared between workmates.

            In addition to the private space, I have come to understand that there are diverse forms of contact. There is the verbal contact, non-verbal, and printed statement. Among all these forms, verbal communication is the main one. Non-verbal statement assumes different shapes. The shapes comprise of the forms of dressing, walking styles, and messages translated through visual forms. In understanding a person, non-verbal communication reveals the inner self of a person. Messages such as emotional challenges that a person may be going through are depicted mainly through non-verbal communication. I have come to understand that verbal communication gives the quickest response. As a result, it is applied in relaying critical conversations. Written communication helps to communicate when people are far apart from each other.

            From this study, I have come to understand that communication helps to form stable relationships. Making contacts plays critical function in the existence of people. I have as well understood the unusual types of contact. I must understand the relationship between people for effective communication. For instance, for effective communication between business partners, there needs to be an understanding of the roles to be played between the two. It is moreover necessary to include the precise outlook at all times. Constructive feelings improve contact. People need to take time to understand the cultures of different people so that they can effectively communicate.