Sample Essay on Examples of Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Examples of Gender Inequality in the Workplace

Gender inequality is an issue that affects women in almost every aspect of life. The workplace is not an exception. It is for this reason that the government has been working hard to ensure women lead a fulfilling professional life. A number of policies and state legislations have been put in place to protect women against gender inequality.

Some of the examples of gender inequality in the workplace include

Stereotype in form of interview questions

In the workplace, women are prejudiced. There are jobs that are specifically set aside for men and women. Even though an employer may not directly discriminate you as a woman from certain jobs, he may ask questions that put you off on jobs set aside for men. An employer may ask you questions such as are you married or are you planning to have kids. Such questions suggest that the employer is not interested in hiring a mother because of responsibilities that come with motherhood.

Low pay

Discrimination and gender inequality in the workplace also comes in the form of low pay. Many women are paid less than what they should really earn. Even if you enforce policies such as performance review with an aim of earning more, your employer will not pay attention. Women are often reprimanded and criticized when they request for a high pay or a similar amount that male employees earn.

Responsibilities being diminished

Women often complain of fewer responsibilities at place of work. This is based on the fact that there is an outdated notion that women are only best suited for negotiation related duties as opposed to managerial duties. At the end of the day, women are given tasks that may not even equal their academic credentials.

Impossible deadlines

Last minute and impossible deadlines are also examples of gender inequality in the workplace. Bosses can give youimages (6) as a woman impossible deadline just to prove that you cannot deliver on time. Such deadlines or tasks are a way of discriminating women and in most cases; a boss will use child care issues to prevent you from achieving your goals.

In addition, women do not get rightful promotions because of gender inequality. A woman may be passed over a promotion just because she is married and has kids. Such occurrences in the place of work demean women and waste their skills.

Conversation styles

Male colleagues and bosses can also use abusive language or blurt demeaning comments in the office against women. Such comments are aimed at preventing women from communicating efficiently with their bosses and with their colleagues.

Similarly, bosses and superiors cut off women as they talk out their points on regular basis and do not do the same to male employees. By doing so, women feel embarrassed and undervalued in the workplace.

The workplace is full of gender issues. However, it is imperative to note that women and men have different conversation styles. Women are collaborative and men are more informative and do not often ask questions.

Therefore, there is need to implement policies that prevent gender inequality and stop employers acting on bias.

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