Sample Essay on Effects of Gender Inequality in Africa

Effects of Gender Inequality in Africa

In Africa, gender inequality is not a new thing. It is an issue that has been raising eyebrows on what should be done to eradicate this collective problem. Gender discrimination is mostly violated in Africa and many countries have not been able to minimize its effects. Gender inequality is a social process whereby people are treated differently and disadvantageously under similar circumstances on the basis of whether they a man or woman. It is a vice that should be condemned by the young, old and even those holding big positions in companies or government.

Gender inequality issues have always focused on the many woes that women have to go through to defend their rights. This is an issue that has impact Africa in many ways and with the greatest magnitude. In many Africa countries, cases of physical, emotional and psychological abuse are reported while others go unheard. Surprisingly, gender discrimination has become the main concern for many governments across Africa, but only a few have hit a considerate scale in the battle with the vice.

There different examples of inequality in Africa that many victims have to endure or succumb to. For instance, some of the Africa nations especially west Africa use rape as a weapon. Militias have kidnapped and raped girls as young as eight years in order to stuck deals with government for the release of the captives.

Another example of gender inequality is fistula and young African girls especially in sub-Saharan Africa. Many husbands have abandoned their women in case of such complications and they are stigmatized and rejected by their communities.  For young girls in Africa nations, their fathers see them as bargaining tools to yearn for fat dowries. Their mothers cannot talk as they have gone through same mores. Female genital mutilation has led to deaths, loss of fertility and reduced sexual feelings. Lack of access to good education, domestic violence, lack of custody and citizenship rights are many other examples to look at.

Besides unexpected deaths, there are many other effects of gender inequality.  This includes poverty. Many countries6 in Africa are poor because discrimination of a certain gender has made it had to increase productivity in a country. For instance, when hold incomparable household an intra-household know-how and if allowed to work in companies or do chores that are designated to men only aid improve the economy.

Increased infant mortality rate is another horrendous effect of gender inequality. Women are the caregivers in many homes, but many a times, they are not provided proper training on how to prepare build their families and have as many children as they want. In some communities, women are not allowed to go to college, but wedded to bring instant wealth. Health-related courses are helpful in the society if pursued by women as they are usually in-charge of their families. However, men too have a chance to pursue similar courses if interested and bring healthcare services to their homes.

Some Africa countries deprive women from accessing modern information and communication technologies as they are seen as technophobic. In essence, women embrace technology than men and if granted opportunity to learn they can help in industries and help improve economy and general living standards of a community. Gender discrimination hinders development not only in the education sector but also in the health, finance and agriculture sectors. Surprisingly, men like and enjoy women’s work as they contributed to economy wholeheartedly, but they are the first ones to discriminate them. Hence, as human beings, it is wide to mind welfare of person regardless of gender and status and kick gender inequality out of Africa.

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