Sample Essay on Effects of Environmental Degradation on Human Life

Effects of Environmental Degradation on Human Life

Environmental degradation is described as deterioration of environment through depletion of natural resources like soil, water and air. It also refers to eco system destruction as well as distinction of wildlife. Environmental degradation has serious effects on human life some of which often go unnoticed for years.

There are several factors which contribute to environmental degradation which in turn affects human life such as a noisy environment, temperature, atmosphere and air. Breathing air that is polluted for instance poses numerous health complications that affect the quality of life and leave individuals at a high risk of suffering from other kinds of illness.

The huge burden of disease that is been seen today is largely as a result of environmental degradation. At least ninety to twenty five percent of diseases reported in most developing nations are as a result of environmental degradation and it is estimated that child mortality in such regions is close to 43% due to poor conditions.

Precisely for this reason, degradation exerts immense pressure on human health when people get exposed to water, Proofreading-Editingsoil and air pollution as well as chemicals which are released into the environment and noise. Respiratory, cancer, communicable and cardiovascular diseases are some of the illnesses that are often caused by environmental degradation. Other diseases include neuro-psychiatric disorders and poisoning.

The most obvious environmental pollution risk to the health of millions of people across the globe is air pollution. It contributes to different types of illnesses like asthma and more often than cause, it causes premature deaths. Of great concern is the fact that children are placed at a great risk than adults leading to high infant mortality rate. Concerns about the effects of environmental degradation on human life has also led t o numerous measures been taken to mitigate emission of pollutant gases and other factors that contribute to environmental degradation.

The greenhouse effect is one that is still been investigated and studied. It is often as a result of fossil fuels which are burnt then they release greenhouse gases into the environment. The gases don’t have the capability to dissipate and as such, they remain trapped in the atmosphere and absorb heat from the sun and this in-adversely affects those people who store wood in their homes as they risk the possibility of starting a fire once it reaches flash point.

Also, environmental degradation leads to soil erosion and this poses a serious threat to food production. As such, people are unable to access the resources needed in order to ensure they live comfortable lives and enjoy health food.

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