Sample Essay on Cyber Crimes

Cyber Crimes

It is clear that crime in the 21st century has become more complicated as compared to past years. With the emergence of new forms of property crimes that relate to cyber activities, authorities have no option but to improve their approach in handling crime. Hacking and cracking are the two main means through which people commit cyber crimes. Hacking is access to computer systems illegally and retrieving information. On the other hand, cracking is unauthorized access to copyrighted materials by altering their encryption. Cyber crime takes various forms like theft. Here, you access a person’s private details and commit financial fraud or identity theft.

Additionally, people commit cyber crimes through copyright infringement or distribution of intellectual information. With copyright infringement, you distributes of a company illegally for profits, leading to losses to the parent company. Access to intellectual information and distribution encompasses hacking websites and servers and retrieving confidential information and distributing it without consent of the owners. Notably, cyber crimes have become more serious than traditional forms of theft. This is because of how criminals maneuver and hide their identities behind firewalls and false proxy IP addresses. Thus, it is hard to track and charge cyber criminals. Moreover, most justice systems in the world have weak laws to curb cyber crime. Lastly, the massive use of the internet in the world today makes it easy to share and intercept information without detection. The implication is that cyber crime will continue evolving into a complex affair as technology advances, making it hard for law enforcement agencies to find a single solution.

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