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 CREB Binding Protein

CREB binding protein is also called CREBBP or simply CBP. It is a protein that is encoded by CREBBP gene in humans. CREB binding protein performs its roles through the activation of transcription. In this process, CREB domains manage the interaction with the transcription factors.

These are the interaction of nuclear receptor and (RID) domain, domain (KIX) interaction with MYB, and CREB interaction with nuclear receptor, regions TAZ2/CH3 of the histidine/cysteine interaction with MYB and domain (IBiD) that binds interferon response.

CREB protein domains TAZ1, KIX and TAZ2 bind to the sequence that spans both the transactivation domains 9aaTADs of the transcription factor p53. Genes are expressed ubiquitously and they are involved in transcriptional co-activation of various transcription factors. At first, they are isolated as the nuclear protein used in binding to the CAMP-response of element-binding protein (CREB).

The isolation plats a crucial role in the development of the embryo, control of growth as well as homeostasis through coupling of the remodeling of the chromatin to the recognition of transcription factor. The protein that this gene encodes has an intrinsic activity of histone acetyltransferase. It is also acts as the scaffold that stabilizes interactions of additional protein with transcription complex.

Image 2The protein acetylates non-histone proteins and histone proteins. It shares the high-sequence similarity regions with the protein EP300 in the bromodomain, histone acetyltransferase domain and regions that are rich in acysteine-histidine.

Studies reveal that CREB binding protein and p300 play an active role in hundreds of various transcription factors. There is a latest model that suggests that binding of the co-activators to the activation domains of transcription factor positions the histone acetyltransferases close to specific nucleosomes that are in the target of regions that promote gene. Interactions with the components of the machinery of general transcription such as the TFIIB, TFIID, and RNA polymerase II have been suggested to have a role in the function of CREB binding protein function.

Simultaneous interaction of different transcription factors with the CBP/p300 is also suggested to have a contribution in transcription synergy. Conversely, CBP/p300 binding competition has been said to mediate some instances of transcriptional repression that is signal induced.

Although an overview of cellular growth of CBP/p300 and differentiation has been published, there are several questions regarding the role of CREB binding protein in transcriptional regulation that are still not answered. For instance, there is no strong evidence to indicate that CBP as well as p300 have different functions and that they are regulated by phosphorylation.

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