Sample Essay on Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Examination of the CSR Strategy


The most verified economic advantage of operation corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategies is connected to areas such as operational cost savings, branding, company status and human resource (Tzu  17). This paper therefore will be looking at what an operational CSR approach involves via investigating the strategy’s usefulness at Hewlett-Packard (HP). The Corporation’s plan looks at the worldwide social and environmental issues utilizing their portfolio and skill in dealing with difficult problems. Such consist of enhancing the ease of access and quality of education, improving energy productivity and also ensuring healthcare is progressively easy to get, inexpensive and available. The corporation undertakes such problems all-inclusively, going further than disjointed as well as quick fixes solutions.  These facets prove that HP has been working on a useful CSR approach that has witnessed the corporation being rated amongst the topmost Fortune 500 corporations. This paper, as a result, will be founded on the thesis that ‘Hewlett-Packard has an effective CSR strategy.’

Effective CSR Strategy

An operative strategy ought to hold a social drive that is business centered. Majority of CSR approaches in numerous corporations overlook the basics of a corporate like its operation. HP’s strategy is, as a result, useful due to the fact that it is convincing as well as apparent, whereas backing an inclusive corporation’s strategy. Hewlett-Packard (HP) in the corporate approach emphasizes on turning the company into the topmost IT Corporation globally.  The corporation’s aim is apparent as well as motivating to their worker. HP has in the same way created three self-reliant approaches incorporating capital plan, efficiency to accomplish their purposes as well as targeted development. The company’s CSR efforts back their usual business roles like production, marketing as well as sales to name but a few. Many other corporations, nevertheless, are not sure which objectives they ought to create or approaches to undertake (Wheeland 1).

Image 2Operational strategy ought to have an intense effort whereby a corporation looks at a particular goal every time. Backing most social problems all together fails to accomplish success on their CSR strategy. HP, nevertheless, has shown guidance in their approach by concentrating on their efforts on a particular social problem dealing with communal difficulties through education, healthcare as well as entrepreneurship. The firm brings into line this social problem to their in-house and exterior means. In 2011, for instance, nearly 1.2 million individuals merited from the Hewlett-Packard (HP) entrepreneurs learning initiative (HP LIFE), which let the people reach technology and also real teaching. The same year, about 744,000 workers from HP offered to serve the communities worldwide at the cost of $26 million US dollars.

Uniting with professionals is in the same way an imperative facet of an operational CSR strategy. Leadership, in addition, requires building a great echelon of integrity. This can be ably undertaken through relations with professionals in social matters and NGOs. The corporation utilizes their wide portfolio, professionalism as well as technology to hunt for the means of administering particular globe’s social difficulties and associates together with states, corporations, social businesspersons, NGOs, scholars and selfless leaders to aid in mounting accessible, viable solutions to CSR. HP has united with numerous shareholders in their solid efforts to encourage viability. The company’s efforts have been shown via numerous accomplishments the firm has reached via such associations (Hur 7).

HP has a incessant venture with the ‘Business of a Better World’ (BSR) to improve the supply chains’ working situations, certainly focusing on those situated in China. In 2007, for instance, HP in association with China Training Institute as well as BSR improved the ‘Focused Improvement Supplier Initiative’ (FISI). This project provides 40 top-levels distributors to HP with the assets as well as tools focused on improving CSR management in their amenities (Hur7). Moreover enhancing the working situations, the program as well emphasizes on teaching the people in administrative positions as well as employees. The venture incorporates their social evolution worth into their general whereas their managerial exercises as well as ethics push their economic merits in the advancement of their social or environmental situations.


The above debate backs the thesis that ‘HP has an effective CSR strategy’. Numerous ways via which the corporation’s CSR strategy works are a complete evidence of its usefulness. The company controls the global social as well as environmental problems and difficulties via their portfolio and expertise in dealing with challenging issues for instance encouraging quality learning, guaranteeing the cost-effectiveness or easy reach of exceptional healthcare whereas improving energy productivity. HP deals with these problems in a general way, away from the simple conventional solutions.



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