Sample Essay on Controlling Prisoners’ Technology

Controlling Prisoners’ Technology

With today’s technology, inmates have communication gadgets like mobile phones in cells, which they use to commit crimes. It is a common trend in the world’s developing nations like Brazil and Columbia. For example, a terrorist group in Afghanistan executed attacks by planning in a prison in Pul-e-Charkhi. Using Smartphones, they coordinated attacks in towns, twenty miles away.

Inmates are likely to take their activities a notch higher as the world experiences massive advancement in ICT. TheyImage 2 will have more Smartphones and integrate the outside world in committing these criminal activities. There is a likely collaboration between the prisoners and drug traffickers. Nonetheless, responsible authorities have put in place measures to address this problem. A common approach is jamming mobile network within prisons and their surroundings to disable communication. However, some tech-savvy inmates still bypass such measures.

A possible alternative could be reverting to the use of mobile drones with Wi-Fi signals to run their illegal activities. In such a case, authorities could consider allowing prisoners to have mobile phones but monitor their activities. They could fit them with tracking gadgets to gather information on illegal activities. Alternatively, prison could turn off virtual identities of criminals upon their incarceration. Such individuals would then be under watch and probation once they are released. This would reduce the risk of inmates to cause havoc in the society.

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