Sample Essay on Controlling Bleeding

Controlling Bleeding

Bleeding can have serious impacts on the victims and many paramedics, regard controlling bleeding as an important practice in their daily lives. There are diverse methods of controlling bleeding in patients within the pre-hospital settings. This is done to avoid endangering the lives of the patients. In Keeping it Under Control by Timothy Perkins (1), there are certain methods that have been in use for sometimes that are deemed more problematic and endangering hence can no longer be adopted. In his article, he advises against the use of methods such as tourniquets because of the adverse problems it causes to people. Instead, Timothy Perkins goes further offer alternative methods that are efficient in controlling excessive bleeding such as the use of hemostatic agent and compression bandages that have been used for many years now during military operations. This article is aimed at informing and convincing paramedics to adopt such bleeding control methods which do not cause serious problems to the victims. The article by Perkins provides an important analysis that evaluates varied methods and suggests the best modern methods that are safe.

To achieve his goal, Perkins employs a number of appeals in his article and one of the key aspects is ethos. In theProofreading-Editing article, the author introduces himself as a learned professional who is highly knowledgeable in the field, and he does this by writing his name exactly after the title of the article as Timothy J. Perkins BS, EMT-P. The initials at the end of his name can appeal to the readers hence preparing them psychologically for the academic article. His article is started in a professional and academic manner, and states some of the scientific facts about controlling of excessive bleeding. Throughout the article, he maintains a professional tone with an academic angle that entails citing certain sources of information which are used in the article. It is such aspects of the article that create credibility among the readers concerning the author.

The article also shows the aspect of appeal to pathos and this mostly appeals to the medical audience. For Timothy Perkins, doctors, nurses and other health care givers are the most suitable audience for his article. Nevertheless, paramedics would find the article extremely useful given that they deal with many bleeding cases before rushing victims to hospitals. The article points out certain techniques that are useful to help in stopping bleeding immediately after incidents or accidents, especially because of the dangers posed by excessive bleeding that can even lead to loss of lives.

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