Sample Essay on Computer Games in School

Computer Games in School


Information Communications Technology has gone through incredible progress and expansion for a number of years because of progression and improvement. Consequently, tutors, scholars, policy makers even learners are expecting complete incorporation of PCs into the school core curriculum. Utilization of PCs in learning institutions is thought to spur learners in taking part in video games also. So as to get rid of the likelihood of learners taking part in more play than learning, decision makers as well as academics are looking for methods of including computer games in school so as for students to get entertained and learn simultaneously.

Problem Statement

Games have been leisure for people for a long duration. This is chiefly because they are entertaining therefore, a preferred manner of utilizing their free and pastime whereas taking part in dynamic competition. With technology improvement, these games can now be enjoyed utilizing PCs with young kids joining school using more than 50% of their time on a PC playing video games.  Accordingly, their school time is impacted which is portrayed in their marks and performance on physical accomplishments in school. Tutors and researchers are thus looking for means of incorporating these computer games in school core curriculum so as to make sure that learners play while learning.


Effects of Computer Games on Players

Computer games in school can affect the actors who are chiefly learners either constructively or destructively.  Positive impacts incorporate action computer games in school improving the player’s visual-spatial abilities, educational video games educating the player’s special and particular skills as well as know-how and pro-social games amassing player’s comprehension whereas reducing their rate of hostility and anger. On the contrary, negative impacts comprise of amplified hostility, anger, conducts as well as thoughts, deteriorating school performance, impacting attention capabilities and addiction founded on a contrast on the amount of time used playing and learning or reading (Sara, Katelyn, Craig & Douglas, 2012, p.647).

Image 2So as to make sure student’s life does not impact their learning, it is wise to include computer games in school set of courses. Certain schools have by this time attempted utilizing these games in providing correspondence as well as investigational studies. The tutors have confirmed that the gaming exposure surges student’s performance in the course of visual chores as they enhance their response times as well as target localization. In addition, spatial attention as well as mental health enhances as a learner uses time undertaking PC games (Sara, Katelyn, Craig & Douglas, 2012, p.650).

These games can be assimilated in teaching biology, mathematics and reading skills. Canon, a company in U.S uses video games in training copier experts while Volvo educates car salespersons utilizing an online PC game. This in addition shows that computer games are essential in educating and growing reasoning and physical abilities amongst young learners as well as even utilized by adults in the working zones. Computer games for instance Bronkie the Bronchiasaurus were valued as helpful and endorsed for individuals looking forward to enhance self-care, know-how as well as educational performance for asthmatic kids (Sara, Katelyn, Craig & Douglas, 2012, p.652).

Leonard Annetta asserted that, Discover Babylon, a video game created by students from University of California holds correct scientific and historic data. Therefore, it can substitute learning by involving students in deciphering historical and scientific difficulties whereas growing their comprehension abilities. By networking with a PC whereas playing video games, learners get and enhance their reasoning abilities, mental capabilities, building of vibrant models useful in real world, improve their problem-resolving abilities as well as assess how trustworthy or credible source of data is prior to distributing it  (Leonard, 2008, p.230).

Ben Williamson on the other hand asserts that, even though computer games in school is usable in education industry, there is no experimental evidence that students can academically merit from their assimilation in the school core curriculum (Ben, 2009, p.10). He conversely says that, video games are creators of know-how, authentic exercises, persuasive, as well as agents of media literacy and utilization of big ideas. Therefore, computer games in school should be included in schools for helpful as well as proficient provision of education whereas learners develop and improve their mental and reasoning abilities so as to turn into dependable and trustworthy adherents of the community (Ben, 2009, p.16).


This article utilized journal sources so as to concentrate on how PC games can be effectively included in the classroom by tutors so as to make sure learning is provided well and capably. The three articles talked about how technology development and improvement surged utilization of computer games in school could spur learners to take part more in learning as they play.

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