Sample Essay on Community and Career

Community and Career

Professional organizations are non-profit entities that seek to further the interests of the members of a particular profession. According to Nicholson (2014), virtually every professional field has a professional organization where people in that career can freely join. Whether a student or an employee, joining a professional group is an excellent way of strengthening your curriculum vitae and developing your work experience. They help members to position themselves well in their career field. There are various professional organizations in the business field that are beneficial to members of this profession in numerous ways. This paper focuses on the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) which is a global professional organization representing accountants. Established in 1977 and incorporated in Switzerland, IFAC has grown over time and now represents over 2.5 million accountants.

What is the goal or intent of the blog/website?

According to IFAC (2017), the organization was established to serve the interests of accountants as well as to strengthen the accountancy profession. To achieve these goals, IFAC promotes the development of quality international accounts standards and the execution of these standards. Moreover, it enhances capacity building in this particular profession and speaks out globally on issues affecting the accountancy profession.

What is the position and perspective of the blog/website owner?

The IFAC Board and stakeholders believe in developing sound international guidelines with the main focus on specific sectors within the accountancy profession. The organizational owners’ perspective is well captured in the vision. The accountancy profession is globally recognized as essential to the sustainable growth of economies, organizations within the economy, and the financial markets.

What is a key piece of advice or insight gained from the site?

There are tons of lessons and insights to gain from the IFAC official website. To begin with, the IFAC provides its members with various opportunities such as conventions and conferences that come with exclusive careers. Moreover, IFAC offers certificates to members as well as training on short-term courses. Highlighting the certifications to the employer indicates that you are dedicated to building your career. It also shows that you are suitable for accountancy as a profession.

What is the perceived value of the site to you?

This site is of much value not only to those in the accountancy profession but also to those aspiring to be accountants in future. It offers the best tools and resources to help the members build their professional careers. The site also offers a comprehensive directory of other professional organizations, businesses, economies and capital markets throughout the world. According to IFAC (2017), members can build strong networks and secure jobs regularly posted in the careers section. The news and events section is of much value as it keeps the members updated about the dynamics in the accountancy profession. It also keeps the members updated about the upcoming major events that have a key influence in their professional path.The registered members can take part in in the key activities of IFAC including nominating the board members, taking part in discussions and joint conversations, as well as subscribing to useful IFAC subscriptions. Overall, IFAC identifies risks and opportunities within the accountancy profession both in the anticipated and the underlying environment. In particular, IFAC offers tons of economic and financial benefits to its members through its series of activities. Above all, the IFAC organization responds quickly to trends that have significant implications to accountancy as a profession.


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