Sample Essay on Christianity View on Good and Evil

 Christianity View on Good and Evil

Christianity view on good and evil is that all goodness comes from the inherent character of God and evil is declining or refusing to submit to the authority of God, to love and to serve Him. The question of evil and good has been wrestled on for many years without a universally acceptable or satisfactory conclusion being reached.

The problem is that the existence of evil is sticker and it causes a heated debate among the Christian scholars, philosophers and theologians. However, Christian beliefs offer a definition that acts as a source that determines what is evil and what is good. The beliefs also provide a description for human nature while providing tools for Christians to use in combating evil using good.

When it comes to defining what is good, there are several verses of the Bible that affirm the belief of Christians that God is always good and that His love is forever enduring. According to Christianity, there is existence of a benevolent God who made all things and the universe. The plan of God at creation is based on His divine goodness. Thus, Christianity view of good is that all that is good comes from God and everything that God does is good since he cannot go against His own inherent nature.

In Christianity, evil has been divided into the categories of human action or moral evil that causes suffering and pain for the others. This includes war, genocide, cruelty, abuse and exploitation. There is also the natural evil that includes diseases, natural disasters, and birth defects among others.

Image 2According to most Christians, moral evil originates from rebellion against the will of God. This causes injustice, pride vanity, aggression, greed, violence and dishonesty among others. The belief in the original sin of Adam and Eve provides a widespread explanation of how death and suffering came into the universe via their disobedience of the will of God.

Christian tradition has a belief that human beings are born in a sinfulness state, already contaminated and with far-reaching and long-lasting consequences of original sin committed by Adam and Eve. This sin separated man from God and a savior had to come to bridge the gap between God and man whole providing a path to salvation.

There are theologians and scholars who have attempted to justify or explain existence of suffering and evil in the light of the goodness of God. Explanation of good and evil in Christianity often include the discussion on the significance of human choice and free will as well as corrective discipline meted by God and repentance.

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