Sample Essay on Christianity Beliefs about God

Christianity Beliefs about God

Christianity beliefs about God hold that God is an eternal being that preserves the world that it created. According to Christians, God is both immanent and transcendent. Immanent means that God is involved in the universe while transcendent implies that God is entirely removed from and independent of material universe.

The teachings of Christianity holds that God’s involvement and immanence as well as the love that he has for humanity does not include the believe of his having similar substance as the universe that he created. However, Christianity teachings accept the incarnation of God as a man.

Early views of Christianity were expressed in Pauline Epistles and early creeds. These proclaimed that God was one and Jesus’ divinity almost similar breath as it is stated in 1st Corinthians 8:5-6. Christianity holds that, despite the existence of several gods whether they are on earth or in heaven, Christians believe that they have only one God whom they call their father from whom they get all things and they live for him.

Jesus Christ who was incarnated as man is considered to be the son of God and all things come through him and Image 2Christians live through him and he is their Lord. Judaea-Christian sect of Ebionites at first protested against the apotheosis of Jesus Christ. However, it was accepted by the Gentile Christians. This started the difference between the beliefs of Gentile Christian about God from the traditional Jewish beliefs and teachings about God.

Since the beginning of Christianity, theology that concerns nature and attributes of God has always been a topic for discussion. This can be seen in the 2nd century writings of Irenaeus. These writings note that the greatness of God does not lack anything and it contains everything. John of Damascus in 8th century listed the eighteen attributes that have been accepted widely.

Theologians have listed attributes of God as time goes by some of which are based on the Bible’s statements including the Lord’s Prayer that states that the Christians’ father is at Heaven. There are also attributes that are based on the theological reasoning of theologians.

Although the Kingdom of God has always been a prominent phrase in Synoptic Gospels and an almost unanimous agreement because it represents an important element in Jesus’ teachings, its exact interpretation has not had scholarly agreement. Despite the fact that the New Testament does not provide a formal trinity doctrine, it speak about God the Father, the Holy Spirit and the Son in a way that compels the Trinitarian understanding and Christianity belief about God.

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