Sample Essay on Christian Views on Euthanasia

Christian Views on Euthanasia

Euthanasia is an issue that has been creating a lot of debates among the religious communities. It refers the practice of intentionally ending a life in order to alleviate pain or suffering. Laws on euthanasia vary in each country and religion. This act can be categorized as voluntary, non-voluntary and involuntary.  Since 2006, euthanasia has been one of the most active areas of research. Christian views on euthanasia are diverse and vary greatly.

The Christian perspective on the subject of euthanasia or assisted death is straightforward. Many Christians believe in blessedness of life from the moment of birth until natural death. There more than 60 passages of scripture in the bible that relate to the importance and sanctity of life. “Thou Shalt Not Kill” is one of the common passages of the scripture in the holy book. Christians believe that God is the give and take of life, but it should not be done under the will of man. For many Christians euthanasia is not the best way to end life and they are against it regardless of the pain or suffering one may have endured.

The bible does not specifically mention about euthanasia, but it addresses issues that related to it closely. Christians have used the bible to make judgments on euthanasia. Many of the Christian views on euthanasia are based on a number of things, and they include;

  • Life is a gift from God- Christian’s belief that it is God who gives and takes life and death and life are part of theImage 2 life processes created by God. Therefore, every person in the world should respect them and no human as the right to take life another person or his or her own life.
  • Human beings are valuable and made in the image of God- Man possess an intrinsic dignity and value, because he was created by God in his own image. To propose an euthanasia for an individual is to judge that life and the individual concerned are not worthwhile. No one should ask for assisted dying because no one has the right to value anyone or himself worthless.
  • The process of dying is spiritually important and should not be perturbed- Christians believe that the time before death is quite imperative. Many think that it is wrong to interrupt the process of dying as you will also disrupt the soul or spirit from reaching towards God.
  • All human being’s lives are equally valuable- Christians believe in the value of human lives.  Even patients, who are in persistent vegetative state, still remain to be human beings like any other whether healthy or seek. No person should treat any other as worthless and view them as “would be comfortable dead”. Even people with mental handicaps are valuable like any other healthy person.

There also some exceptions on the opinions that we have on euthanasia. Christians need to respect every human being and if we respect a person, we should also respect their decisions to end life. Possibly, we should accept their rational decision to object any burdensome, expensive or discouraging treatment that may even offer a week to live.

Regardless of the situation or circumstances one may be in, Christians should invariably oppose euthanasia. We should offer the best care to those suffering, let them have opinion on many issues affecting community and face death and dying with honesty and support as community by helping them prepare for death and meet Gods will

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