Sample Essay on Christian Perspective of Life after Death

Christian Perspective of Life after Death

Christian beliefs on life after death vary slightly from one denomination to another and individual Christians. While this is the case, a vast majority of Christians believe heaven is the place where believers go upon dying so they can enjoy the presence of God. Christians believe that in heaven, they are freed from sin and all other kinds of manifestations such as pain and suffering.

The Bible also teaches heaven is an actual place for instance in John 14:1-6. Life in heaven will have continuity like life in the present world. For instance, people will have bodies just like they do now yet, it will be  different than it is in the present life because what people get will be ‘new’ bodies (1 Cor. 15:35-49).

A large percentage of Christians also believe the Bible teaches about the existence of a place known as hell where punishment and judgment will take place for instance 2 Peter 2:4. In the New Testament, there are several passages that provide the description of hell as a place where there is fire (Mark 9:43, James 3:6).

Some Christians have interpreted the imagery of fire as a figurative way of communicating severe punishment. ThereImage 2 is also the minority that views the description literally but believes the punishment people will experience will be temporary like that of objects that are destroyed by flames eventually.

Roman Catholics hold believes that are slightly different as they believe in purgatory. To them, purgatory is a temporary place of punishment for Christians who died with un-confessed sins. The Catholic Church Catechism states ‘All who die in God’s grace and friendship , but still imperfectly purified, are indeed assured of their external salvation; but after death they undergo purification, so as to achieve holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven’.

The questions most Christians ask include whether there is life after death and what type of form it takes. There are conflicting answers to these questions such as:

  • Some christians believe that eventually, they land in Hell, Heaven, Sheol, Purgatory or some other state, condition or place
  • They believe they cease to exist in any form or simply disappear
  • The souls are separated from the body and they go to hell or heavy while the bodies remain on earth where they decay
  • Some Christians believe they sleep for a long duration upon death before they wake up for the final judgment
  • They are incarnated into new bodies where they live another lifetime on earth as an  animal or human

While Christians hold different views about life after death, the Bible remains ambiguous about matters that are related to the same.

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