Sample Essay on Challenges Posed by Boko Haram in Nigeria

Challenges Posed by Boko Haram in Nigeria

Boko Haram which operates in Nigeria has been performing terror acts since 2009 to create palpable fear not only in country but beyond. Boko Haram is a domestic terror organization that poses a major threat to the property of the Nigerian people as well as their lives.

It participates in nefarious activities and has attracted the attention of the international community following the 2009 July attacks in Nigeria and specifically the attack of the UN at Abuja in 2011.

The sect does not have any clear or known structure of command and is so far responsible for more than 1200 deaths. Boko Haram poses serious challenges key among them capitalizing on religious frustrations, social difficulties, economic difficulties and religious differences in order to undermine the Nigerian government and exploit religious differences for purposes of creating chaos making it ungovernable.

The group does not have any respect for human life and instead, it kills civilians in an indiscriminate manner. In addition to this, there is also an insurgency in the northeast part of the country that has created insecurity throughout northern Nigeria. The group has also created increased tension between different ethnic communities and also interrupted development of activities generated concerns and interrupted development activities.

Nigeria does not have the ability to become a stable leader unless it overcomes the challenges posed by the group Proofreading-Editingsuccessfully. While it is not an easy task, using a comprehensive approach is important in order to articulate engagement rules, socio-economic problems and accountability in order to ensure the future of Nigerians is brightened.

The insurgence also has a great effect on Nigeria’s corporate image within other committee nations. The image of the country is also dented as a result of drug trafficking, crime, high corruption level, fraud and prostitution that has affected the reputation of the Nigerians and Nigeria throughout the globe.

For close to a decade, efforts have been made without any success in order to rebrand Nigeria’s image. There is no image laundering level that will influence the international community to change the negative image they have about the country.

While it will not be easy to get rid of Boko Haram, the diverse people of Nigeria, their spirit and land will make it easy for the regional and national stability to be reestablished. The commitment to human dignity and life should be restored in order to prevent atrocities in the future and build peace.

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