Sample Essay on Challenges Posed by Al Qaeda

Challenges Posed by Al Qaeda

For the longest time, the Al-Qaeda was practically unnoticed in the United States and it was not seen as a major threat in the country. It was not until after the 2001, September 11 attacks that Americans became fully aware of the threat the group posed.

Known as one of the most dangerous terror group in the world, it posses unique challenges because of its versatility and strength. It is precisely for this reason that it is difficult to combat the group.

Though the Muslim world is largely torn by war between varying sects, they share the same ideologies that unite them in a miraculous manner because they have the same righteous cause. The ideology attracts Muslims from different ethnicities and backgrounds to produce a supply of supporters and recruits.

The organizational structure of the Al-Qaeda also makes it difficult to combat the terror group. Just like any other traditional terror organization, it is directed by leaders who are divided into 6 committees and a council. Another aspect that makes Al-Qaeda indestructible is the fact that it has a side structure. Rather than having one single structure under its leadership, it is actually made up of different cells that are found in every country across the globe.

While these cells maintain communication with leadership structure and cells that are close, most of them are Image 2designed to operate independent of the Al-Qaeda leadership. The most startling fact though is that there is no single face that can be linked to the terror group.

The terrorists come from different ethnic groups, backgrounds and nations. Some of the cells actually have individuals who are not even members of the terror group. They are devoted supporters, close allies and at times, members of other terror groups. Consequently, this means the individuals have the capability to blend easily and become part of a network that is far stronger.

The al Qaeda terror cells also have varying objectives for instance one cell might have the mandate of raising support within a specific area while another is supposed to collect intelligence. What is more, these cells can either be or not be in a given area for long before the attack.

There are cells which are established in a region for long periods of time so they can carefully make observations and prepare for an attack. Often, such cells are known as sleeper cells. The insurgencies of the terror group are focused around Gulf of Aden and most of the top commanders have either been killed or imprisoned as such, it no longer has the ability to replicate the threat and terror it once posed.

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