Sample Essay on Challenges Facing Enterprise Applications

Challenges Facing Enterprise Applications

While enterprise applications are great assets for businesses, they face numerous challenges. Some of the most common challenges can be easily highlighted as below:

  • Difficulty getting cloud apps-Though infrastructure abstraction has assisted in application management and agility, it does not make things easier for the writing of sophisticated applications. As a matter of fact, developers of enterprise applications lose infrastructure visibility and services like elasticity, multi-tenancy and high availability of application responsibility.
  • Technology bleed through-There are in-house development applications that have to be coerced so they can fit limitations and capabilities of development tools rather than meeting users needs within organizations.
  • Bureaucracy-Changing technology is far easier than changing culture and developers of enterprise applications images (6)feel as if they code with one hand while the other is tied because they don’t have any ultra-conservative and burdensome operational models. However, they are pessimistic about adoption of new technology and tools because they are afraid they will get watered down and this could eliminate the possibility of application successes.
  • Difficulty making a choice-With a myriad of choices to pick from when buying application components and services, it has become increasingly difficult for developers to choose the most suitable enterprise applications. Unlike in the past, they are no longer faced with the no option of using the default enterprise standard web server, database and app server. While this is a good thing (options to choose from) it is also quite a challenge as there is a need to map technical options and find appropriate training. These options have however increased the level of flexibility as well as opened a door to unlocking business value that previously was too complicated and costly.
  • Mastery of technologies-Developers of enterprise applications are supposed to master different types of technologies and this can also prove to be a major challenge. Developers of these applications lack the mastery and skills needed to carry out a successful business domain.
  • Inconsistent and conflicting data maintenance, presentation interfaces and capture are also some of the challenges that enterprise applications face.

These are major challenges and while most of them are not new, they are yet to be addressed. Users expect to get into a marketer that is ‘consumer style’ oriented and yet, the rapid integration and access makes it impossible to come up with practical and innovative solutions.  Most of these challenges also have some inverse problems which should be addressed in order to ensure that they are effectively addressed.

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