Sample Essay on Causes of Hurricanes

Causes of Hurricanes

Hurricanes are areas of extreme low pressure that normally appear over warm water. Mostly these areas appear during specified seasons of, early fall and summer. Water vapour fuels hurricanes by releasing the latent heat of condensation. This normally occurs when the water vapour condenses and warms the area around and also forms clouds and the rain. The two most important things that bring about the occurrence of hurricanes are moist warm air and warm water. This is majorly the reason why hurricanes begin in the tropics.

The lay man will notice a hurricane when a whole process has already occurred. Hurricanes start to form when warm air that is moist begins to rise from the surface of the ocean. The rising of this warm air happens very rapidly. The warm air gets in contact with cool air and that causes condensation to take place. The condensed warm water vapour forms clouds that turn into rain drops.

The condensation process also brings about latent heat. The latent heat heats up the air above making it to rise and hence allows room for the warm humid air from the ocean to rise.  The cycle is now picking up moment as the hurricane is now taking form.

More and more of the moist is now attracted to the atmosphere. As the heat increases and is transferred from the ocean’s surface, the great storm starts developing. The water in this area starts spiralling form one central point. This central part where the swirling storm starts from is referred to as the eye of the hurricane. This rhythmic exchange of heat brings about a pattern in which the hurricane swirls.

The speed of the hurricane gets faster as the speed of wind gets faster and faster. This happens due to the high pressure being drawn into the low pressure areas. The high pressure area by this time is at high altitudes 30,000 feet. The storm is now building in strength and size and it will soon become a massive hurricane.

First, the tropical depression forms. These are winds that are at a speed of over 61.15 kilometres per hour. The tropical storm then forms. At this point winds are blowing at a high rate of up to 117.48 kilometres per hour.  Finally at this very high speed the hurricane is formed.

Scientist are still carrying out research and debating on the exact causes of hurricanes. Different experts in the field have diverse views regarding the causes of hurricanes. Some suggests that human activities that negatively affect the environment are the cause of global warming that cause hurricanes. The occurrence of hurricanes have been on the increase in the recent past and the scientists claim that this is a true indicator that hurricanes are caused by the negative human activities.The occurrence of hurricanes has also been attributed to temperature changes and an increase in the salinity of waters in the oceans.

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