Sample Essay on Causes and Effects of Battle of Plassey

Causes and Effects of Battle of Plassey

There many battles that have been fought and won or lost since time age-old. The battle of Plassey was one of the greatest battles ever written in the ancient texts. It was a decisive victory of the British East India Company over the ruler of Bengal and his French partners on the 23rd June 1757. The battle took place at Plassey on the banks of Bhagirathi River which was approximately 150 kilometers north of Calcutta and south of Murshidabad capital of Bengal.4

The British had come up with a great strategy of befriending themselves with various princes and rulers of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa to triumph. They would promise security against the rebels and usurpers. In return the Nawabs would promise them concessions for security. A lot took place during this era, but here are notable causes of the battle of Plassey, and they include;

  1. The British wanted to establishment themselves administratively, politically and economically in India and over Bengal and make it easy to wage war against the Nawabs.
  2. The British wanted to dethrone Sirajuddaula [The last sovereign Nawab of Bengal] after he began to follow their every move and wanted them to stop their activities, but failed and support Shaukat Jang. Siraj relatives later opposed his undertakings against decided to get rid of him.
  3. The British had no respect for the Nawab although he wanted to strike a compromise, but hatred has already settled between the parties.
  4. The British knew that there were traitors within the Sirajuddaulua army despite the power and efficiency he imagespossessed. Hence, they considered a secret treaty with Mir Jafar on 4th June1757. The army was too strong to defeat but their friend Mir Jafar disclosed Sirajuddaula.
  5. Sirajuddaula believed in the French and thought they were more trustworthy than the Englishmen. He was also devastated by the loss of Chandernagar and his defeat by the British. The war became more imminent as Sirajuddaula was pressurized by the British not to allow the French from India to continue with trade in the nation. Some of the Frenchmen were serving the Nawab and so he could not forbid them from trading India.
  6. Robert Clive, the colonel in-charge of the British army had overpowered the Indian army twice and felt that it was weak and scared. He felts safe and victories because he had two traitors close to Sirajuddaula; Mir Jar [the commander of the India army] and Durlabh Rai and other military personnel. Hence, he had all the Sirajuddaula move or strategy watched.

With strong desire and confidence to win the war, Clive searched for an opportunity to attack the Indians. He accused Sirajuddaula of violating the term of the treaty of Alinagar and he sent an army through. The battle began! Mir Jar two-timed his leader and sent a message to Clive of a pending attack anytime of the day. On the other hand, Durlab Rai floated a rumor that the English are winning and the soldiers of Nawab are fleeing for their lives. Nawab was defeated and retreated and Mir Jafar took over after Sirajuddaula was killed by his confidants.

As a result of the battle of Plassey, the French were no longer a force to reckon in Bengal as they were later defeated by the British and the Northern Circars was secured by Clive. Things went bad for Mir Jafar and he spurred the Dutch to attack the British and banish them from Bengal. However, Robert Clive used is mastery and artillery and defeated the Dutch. Mir Jafar was unseated and Mir Qasim to lead Bengal. About 18 British men were lost and estimated 500 Nawabs were known to have dead. The British also got a lot of wealth and valuables from after securing every station.

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