Sample Essay on Buddhist Views on Homosexuality

Buddhist Views on Homosexuality

Buddhism differs from other religions in one way or another. Many people have diverse opinion on what Buddha had in mind regarding many things in his manuscripts, especially on issues affecting today’s societies and nations in general. A lot of religious people would like to know more on Buddhism views on homosexuality- an issue that has been creating a lot of debates even on global platforms. Homosexuality as a sexual orientation has been deemed as a vile and vice that no one should neither talk about nor indulge in. However, Buddhists offer better and profound   views on the issue.

From the scientific view of things, there are no practical evidences and facts as to why a person develops and growths with particular sexual orientations. However, experts basing their evidences on biological theories, pinpoint genetic factors or the early uterine environs as the mainstay factors towards such behaviors. Buddhism teaches and expects from its followers a certain impeccable ethical behavior and all the time. In Buddhism terms like five precepts and tanha are common and issue like homosexuality will undoubtedly break one of the precepts. Those Buddhism followers who are into homosexuality- sex between people of the same sex and gender will definitely break the third precept.

Homosexuality is not a new thing in India. It is mentioned on the Vinaya [Monastic rule] and condemned. It is Image 2mentioned along with a wide range of sexual behaviors that contravene the rule that expect monks and nuns to practice and enjoy celibacy. By way of the monastic rule, sexual behavior whether with a member of the same sex or opposite sex where body organs enter each other’s orifices in the body is punishable without any pity. If caught indulging in any sexual behaviors such as masturbation or intercrural sex, expulsion is a no go for punishment but the offenders must confess before the monastic society.

Buddhism questions the many moral and ethics that many societies abide to. Buddhists have been able to develop morals based upon compassion and reason, but not on old-fashioned ways of life. From the many Buddha ethics, there are several types of unskillful sexual behaviors that are mentioned in the teachings and writings. Buddha says while practicing the Third Precepts, it is wise to avoid sexual misconduct with girls under their parents care, unmarried women, female prisoners or any other person engaged to another.

Homosexuality is not openly mentioned in Buddhism, but it is explored and evaluated the same way as heterosexuality. In the lay Buddhism, sexual act was an expression of love, loyalty, respect and warmth regardless of ones gender or sex. In this context, if one indulges in any unskilled sexual act regardless gender or sex, this is an offense. Therefore, any principles and ethical rules that are used to evaluate heterosexual relationships will also be used to evaluate a homosexual affiliation also.

In some instances, Buddhism advices against certain sexual behaviors as it is wrong on the ethical point of view as they put the involved individuals  at the odds with social norms or mores or lead to legal actions. Hence, refraining from such behaviors will provide freedom from anxiety and embarrassment caused by the consequences of such actions. In a sense, the homosexual has to decide whether he or she is going to agree to what the community expects or try to change the attitude and opinion of the public on their actions.

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