Sample Essay on Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline personality disorder describes a mental illness that is characterized by instability in moods, relationships and behavior. Some people that have severe cases of borderline personality disorder go through shortened psychotic episodes. A number of patients, who are diagnosed with BPD, often have difficulties in regulating their emotions and thoughts. Besides, they can also portray reckless behaviors and are unable to maintain relationships with other people.

People with borderline personality disorders are also likely to experience other disorders that may occur concurrently like anxiety, depression, substance abuse, self-harm, eating disorders, and suicidal behaviors among others.

Causes of BPD

Research and studies on the causes and factors that can place one at risk of developing borderline personality disorders are underway. However, most scientists are in agreement that genetic and environmental factors are the likely agents. Studies conducted on twins with the condition reveal that it can be inherited.

Social and cultural factors can also be linked to the development of BPD. For instance, belonging to a culture or group of people where there are common cases of instability in family relationships may increase the risk of a person to develop the disorder.

Signs and Symptoms

In order for one to be diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, one must exhibit a consistent pattern of behavior that involves at least five of the symptoms below.

  • Extreme reactions like rage, panic, depression and even abandonment
  • Intense and stormy relationships with friends, family and loved ones.
  • Unstable or distorted self-image.
  • Impulsive behaviors that are often dangerous like substance abuse, unprotected sex, reckless driving among others
  • Intense moods that are highly changeableProofreading-Editing
  • Chronic feeling of boredom and emptiness.
  • Difficulty in anger management.

Those who suffer from borderline personality disorder are also likely to portray suicidal behaviors that are recurrent, threats or acts of inflicting harm on themselves. The symptoms of the disorders can begin showing during adolescence or in early adulthood. Certain studies reveal that most cases of BPD have often been found in females compared to males. However, the intensity of the condition heightens with age.

The diagnosis of borderline personality disorders is done by a trained mental health professional like a psychiatrist or psychologist. It is important to note that the diagnosis process for BPD is not conducted through blood, genetic or laboratory tests. The procedure involves making comparisons on the symptoms shown by the patient with their life history.


Psychotherapy is the most ideal form of treatment that can be administered to people who have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. There are also certain medications that may be prescribed to patients to help with the symptoms.

Most people who suffer from Borderline Personality disorders do not often seek treatment until its gets to a point that they experience a significant impact on their lives. However, it is always advisable that you seek medical attention as soon as you begin noticing a difference in your mental state.

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