Sample Essay on Black Holes, Worm Holes and Parallel Universes

Black Holes, Worm Holes and Parallel Universes

Black holes are high-density objects whose gravitational attraction is so strong that they can attract light particles whenever they come near them. Such objects cannot break away once in contact because of the strong force. They are classified into three categories depending on their mode of formation and their size relative to that of the sun and earth. Such include Stellar black holes, Supermassive black holes and Intermediate black holes. The existence of these holes could be explained if it’s possible to reduce the earth to a marble where gravity surrounding the earth becomes greater with decrease in size.

Wormholes are imaginary passages that are believed to bridge the time-space across universes. These passages tend to collapse when objects pass through them. They do so along the long neck that connects their two openings. The existence of worm holes has not been proven as yet despite predictions by scientists about their existence.

Parallel universe are universes that are believed to exist and resemble the known universe. It is believed that there could be a possibility that our planet branched from these other parallel universes or they could have branched from ours as well. This proposition was further enhanced with the discovery of the quantum physicists in the University of California.

My opinion about these theories and proposition is that the development of science is rather based on fantasies and development of scientific facts becomes difficult because of the fictional ideas developed by many scientists.  Though it may take time, some of these theories such as the existence of parallel universes may be proven. This is because of the relationship of the proposition with practical science such as Quantum physics. However, while it may be possible to escape from the earth’s surface, reduction of the earth to a marble size is just an impractical idea which betrays the validity of existence of Black holes. The belief of the existence of black holes, worm holes and parallel universe is therefore a line of thought in science that’s suggests how much possibilities there are in the universe and the current understanding is perhaps a fraction of the unlimited possibilities.