Sample Essay on Benefits of Natural Pest Control

Benefits of Natural Pest Control

There are many benefits of natural pest control. Natural pest control is used as one of the means of managing pests. It employs biological materials in managing and reducing pest infestations. Many people use this pest control method as an alternative to the commonly used chemical pest control method due to its benefits.

Natural pest control method is based on the notion that nature has a way of maintaining a healthy balance except when human activities interfere with this balance. Naturally, there are good insects and other living organisms that can help in controlling pests. These organisms act as natural predators and they control population of what are considered as harmful insects or pests in the environment.

The major benefit of natural pest control is that it is eco-friendly. It is a natural way of controlling pests. This is because it uses organisms in controlling organisms. One organism that acts as a predator of the pest is raised in large numbers and then released in the garden where a pest has infested. The predator of the pest fights it biologically.

Thus, natural pest control method controls pest without posing any harm to agriculture. The predator kills the target pest only. This implies that friendly insects are not affected by natural pest control method.

In addition, natural pest control has few and in some cases no effects on humans and livestock as well as the environment. This makes it useful in places where there are livestock and pests. In most instances, this method has proven safe and effective in controlling pests.

It works more effectively than other methods such as chemical pest control method that can harm even the beneficial insects and affect the environment negatively. Natural pest control method is an organic method. It continues being effective for a long time after its introduction.

The extended lifespan of the natural pest control method makes it cost-effective because no reintroduction is needed. Thus, unlike chemical pest control method where a farmer has to keep administering the chemical, natural pest control method requires a single introduction in the crop.

In addition, natural pest control method saves the farmer time. This is because the farmer needs to just introduce the predator to the field that the pests have invaded. The rest will happen naturally. As long as the environment is naturally suitable for the survival of organism, it will reproduce and continue controlling the pest without the farmer applying any effort.

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