Sample Essay on Benefits of Cloud Computing For Large Business

Benefits of Cloud Computing For Large Business

Cloud computing is an internet based facility that offers long term benefits to a business. In this age and era, businesses are looking for ways to cut down on the cost of production and ways to enhance productivity. Cloud computing is also a solution that has enabled many large businesses to expand their brand visibility online and offline.

Large corporations including Coca Cola, Nike, Avon and are some of the best examples of large businesses that have reaped from cloud computing. With the cloud based software, large businesses are in a better position to deliver quality products and services. Despite large workforce, big business can easily ensure that each employee delivers without close monitoring.

Cloud is safe and beneficial in many ways to large businesses including

It is green and allows for more profits

Cloud is considered green in terms of the profits it generates for large businesses. With cloud, large business does not have to use in-house storage system. Instead, it explores the cheaper monthly storage option from a service provider. With the storage option, business cut down on energy and production costs by a large margin.

Cloud also offers room for giant multi power server units or rooms. This means that large businesses get to save billions of dollars on their energy consumption.

With cloud, large businesses are also able to explore internal messaging. This is done via highly functional software that enables these corporations to pay less on workflow tools and email.

Open communication

Large businesses also enjoy open communication and collaboration through cloud computing. Cloud allows for moreProofreading-Editing scalability and sharing of messages and data can be done within the shortest time possible. Cloud enables employees to work from anywhere. Therefore, companies save a great deal on time.

Cloud computing also enables large business to concentrate on more urgent business issues as opposed to management of IT systems and related issues. Cloud service provider ensure smooth running of operations because it updates IT systems regularly. What’s more, whenever there are new upgrades that can benefit a business, a service provider will let you know of the updates for enhanced productivity.

As such, large business reduces a great deal on downtime. It gets time to capitalize on its resources and make huge profits. With continued use of cloud, large businesses are also able to achieve a competitive edge against relevant competitors.

Greener cloud storage

Cloud computing is also beneficial to large businesses because of green cloud storage. Businesses are known to produce carbon emissions due to their storage systems. These emissions are harmful to the environment. However, by using cloud, businesses are able to reduce the amount of carbon emissions. The bigger the business, the greener cloud computing storage unit it can explore.

Additionally, with greener cloud storage, large businesses are able to create a safe working environment for its employees.

Other benefits that cloud offers to large businesses include

  • Enhanced security for its data
  • More flexibility and scalability
  • Reduced cost of operation and cost of production
  • Reduced downtime
  • More room for productivity and profitability

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