Sample Essay on Benefits of Cloud Computing For Government

Benefits of Cloud Computing For Government

In today’s age and era, governments are looking for the best ways to manage challenges that affect their economies. Cloud computing has proven to be an ideal solution because it allows for e-governance. With cloud, governments are able to deliver core services to citizens across different parts of the globe. Even with dwelling city populations, a government is able to reach out to its citizens, manage aging infrastructure and address other challenges within a short span of time.

Rapid urbanization

Through cloud computing, the government is able to manage rapid urbanization. This is based on the fact it is able to manage its IT systems and carry out specific functions efficiently from whenever and wherever. It moves to current IT in metering, procurement and issuing of loan sanctions among other government functions.

It is essential to note that IT resources can be hard to manage. However, with cloud, everything is automated and in an efficient way. The government is freed up of a lot of time it could spent monitoring different functions and on human resources. It therefore has more than enough time to focus on increasing its roster of services or mechanisms for quality service delivery.

Financial challenges

With cloud computing, the government is able to manage financial pressures.  The government is able to deliver Proofreading-Editingquality services even with limited resources and a tight budget. It also offers a greater advantage in terms of short term and long term savings.

Cloud allows for pay-as-you-go option and pay-as-you-use. The government does not face upfront costs especially when buying IT equipment. The savings are later used by the government during harsh financial times.

Technological obsolescence

With cloud computing, the government is able to reduce the risk of technological obsolescence. This is because of shortening IT upgrade cycles and constant launch of new products. With cloud, the government also does not have to rely on old IT systems for many years. It can easily explore timely upgrades and at a cheaper price.

Cloud computing provides a way for the government to deliver quality products and services. Government agencies are also able to cut down on upgrade costs. Any hardware and software upgrades can be utilized at any time, because they are included in the contract between the government and service provider.

The government is also able to manage other challenges relayed to massive delivery of services to citizens in different parts of the globe. It is now able to deliver time and efficient services in minutes through cloud.

Cloud computing also enables the government to provide a good platform for sharing. Citizens can air their complaints, share their concerns and seek redress through cloud computing. The government ensures that there is efficient and transparent citizen-consumer awareness.

Similarly, the government employs cloud computing when undertaking reforms processes. It has benefited the government a great deal when it comes to e-governance. Agencies are able to share information freely, pool of resources and collaborate with relevant stakeholders to achieve set goals. With cloud computing, these tasks are carried out with no delay.

Cloud computing has also provided a strong foundation for the government to create an ideal environment for good governance.

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