Sample Essay on Benefits of Cloud Computing For Education

Benefits of Cloud Computing For Education

Cloud computing is a flexible internet application facility that enhances ICT services. It employs powerful networks and systems to allow for easy sharing of data and collaboration. In education sector, the benefits of cloud computing cannot be overlooked.

It is very clear that cloud offers flexibility and enhanced mobility in the education sector. Tablets and laptops allow for learning whenever and wherever. These gadgets increase engagement and allows for greater collaboration. Teachers can create and share programs with students efficiently.

Tablets and laptops also eliminate barriers to learning. They are easy to use and they transmit information much faster. Students are therefore able to continue with their school work on the go or at home. Cloud bridges the gap between home and school. It has also made learning more interesting because students are more interested in doing their assignments from different devices. Cloud therefore increases these benefits among others.

Cloud computing enables schools, colleges and higher institutions of higher learning to cut down on their expenses. Learning expenses especially with the need for 24hr internet connection can be huge if not managed. Cloud allows for a low cost computing system. Therefore, once a school has internet connection, it cuts down on its operational costs.

With cloud concept, teachers and schools can comfortably share work and assignments. It eliminates paper work by a great deal. Paperwork can be quite costly. However, with cloud, information can be sent via mail. In the long run, it cuts down on learning and environmental costs. With cloud, learning is viable.

With cloud computing, IT administration in different institutions has been made easier. Hardware and software updates are fully taken care of by cloud service provider. This also extends to security management. Consequently, it helps to eliminate administration burden and allows all educational facilities to concentrate more core issues. By doing so, the facilities also become more productive.

With cloud computing in the education sector, critical and confidential data can be stored in the central processing system safely. There is less exposure of important information and it helps to prevent threats including loss of laptops, tablets and other electronic systems. Content can also be stored safely in USB flash drives and in the event of a disaster, the data can be retrieved without any problem.

Schools can also monitor student data more efficiently with cloud. They do not have to worry about data mining. What’s more, teachers no longer have to worry about security threats or breaches because cloud computing is highly encrypted.

Cloud is highly beneficial to developing countries. It helps teachers to teach children who under normal circumstances would not have accessed quality education. There are laptops specially designed for use in remote areas. They do not require a lot of maintenance and teachers can comfortably impart knowledge to children in underdeveloped countries.

With cloud computing, schools have also been able to improve educational standards. This is based on the fact e-learning comes with a wide range of interactive features. Teachers can demonstrate what they are teaching using graphics and other related features instantly. In the long run, students understand better what is being taught.

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