Sample Essay on Battle of the Bulge

Battle of the bulge was fought during the winter of 1944 and 1945. It marked the last major attempt by the Nazi Germany to attack and defeat the Allies during the Second World War. It is considered by many historians as the last ditch attempt that Hitler made to split the Allied forces into two as they move towards Germany. Hitler wanted to destroy the ability of the Allies to be self-supplied.

This battle started on 16th December 1944. While starting the battle, Hitler convinced himself that America, France and Britain did not have a strong alliance in the Western part of Europe. He convinced himself that by launching a major attack that would lead to the defeat of the allies he would break this alliance.

As such, as he ordered his army to pursue a massive attack he focused primarily on the American forces. This attack was called the Ardennes Offensive. However, since the initial attack made by the German led to a bulge in the frontline of the Allied forces, it came to be known as the Battle of the Bulge.

The plan of Hitler was to start a massive attack against the allies via three armies so as to destabilize the accord and take the Antwerp port through which the allies were getting great supplies.

Image 2Hitler planned that Sepp Dietrich would lead the Sixth Panzer Army in attacking and capturing Antwerp. Manteuffel would lead the Fifth Panzer Army in attacking the American forces’ center and capture their strategic rail center of the St Vith and strategic roads and drive them towards the Brussels. Brandenberger was to lead the Seventh Army in attacking the Southern Flank and create buffer zone that would prevent attack of the Fifth Panzer Army by the American reinforcements. Hitler wanted the Fifth Army to remain in reserve so that it can counter any attck by the allied forces.

According to Hitler, his armies could surround the First Army of Canada, Ninth and First Army of America and the Second Army of Britain and cut off Canada. This seemed as an absurd plan on paper considering that since D-Day Germany was in retreat. Germany Army had been depleted of sufficient supplies while facing the mighty Allies. However, as the commander in chief of the Army, Hitler decreed that this attack had to take place.

The battle began with Allies lines’ bombardment that took two hours and later followed by heavy armored attack in which the German experienced a great success at first that lasted for two days only.

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