Sample Essay on Battle of Stalingrad

Battle of Stalingrad

Many historians consider the battle of Stalingrad as the turning point of the Second World War in Europe. This was a major battle in which the Nazi Germany and the allies fought to take control of the Stalingrad city with the Soviet Union. City of Stalingrad is now the Volgograd city located in the South-western side of the Soviet Union.

Battle of Stalingrad was marked by the close combat of close quarters and the disregard for civilian and military casualties. It is considered among the bloodiest battles of the entire warfare history. Wehrmacht inflicted heavy losses that make the battle of Stalingrad arguably a major strategically decisive conflict of the entire war.

Among the ironies of this battle is that the sixth army of Germany needed not to have been entangled in the Stalingrad city. Groups A and B of the army were on their way to Caucasus in the south-west Russia. This was when Hitler ordered them to attack Stalingrad.

Strategically, it would have not been a wise move to advance while leaving a major city unconquered in the rear. Image 2Nevertheless, there are historians who believe that the orders from Hitler were aimed at taking Stalingrad just because of its name. Hitler hated Joseph Stalin who the name was named after. On the other hand, Stalin ordered his army to save the city.

Battle of Stalingrad took place between 1942 and 1943. The commander of the Sixth Army of Germany, General Paulus helped by the army of Fourth Panzer advanced towards the city of Stalingrad in September 1942.  The primary task of the general was to ensure that Caucasus oilfields are secure.

To achieve this, Paulus was required to take Stalingrad by Hitler. The final target of the German was to be Baku. In addition, Stalingrad was an important target because it was the communications center for Russia in the southern and a manufacturing center.

In the beginning of September in 1942, Germany army moved to Stalingrad. At the same time, the Russians had already been devastated by operations Barbarossa by Blitzkrieg. As such, they had to establish a stand because this city was given its name after their leader, Joseph Stalin.

As a result, their high morale could not allow the city of Stalingrad to be taken by the German army. In addition, the Russians could never allow the Germans to take over their oil fields in Caucasus. Stalin issued an order that required them never to make even a single step backwards.

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