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 Battle of Midway

Battle of midway was fought near and over the tiny mid-pacific base of the United States at the Midway atoll. It was among the most crucial naval battles fought during the Second World War. This battle was fought from 4th to 7th June 1942. It was only 6 months after the attack on Pearl Harbor by Japan. It was also fought a month after Battle of the Coral Sea.

The United States was able to defeat Japan in a battle that was considered as being the most decisive in the Second World War. The success of the United States was attributed greatly to its advances in breaking codes. This enabled the U.S to pre-empt as well as counter planned ambush by Japan.

This enabled the United States to ambush the aircraft carriers and inflict permanent damage on the navy of Japan. The most important aspect of the battle of midway is that it allowed the United States victory which enabled it and the allies to continue their offensive position. Engagement of fleet between the Japanese and the United States’ navies in north central area of the Pacific Ocean led to the desire by Japan to sink the aircraft carriers of the United States that escaped destruction during the Pearl Harbor attack.

Image 2The commander of the Japanese fleet, Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku, opted to invade a relatively close target to the Pearl Harbor so that he can draw the American fleet out. His calculation was that by the time the United States start their counterattack, Japanese would be ready to crush and defeat them. However, a breakthrough of the codes used by the Japanese navy by the American intelligence enabled Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, the commander of the Pacific fleet to know exactly what the Japanese navy was planning.

Nimitz places the available carriers of the United States in a position where they surprised the Japanese that were moving up in preparation to air strike in the Midway Island. Intelligence interplay proved critical in determining the results of the battle of midway. It started several weeks before the armed conflict.

Nets of the American radio picked orders from Yamamoto in the Pacific. This enabled the United States to know what the Japanese navy was planning to do as it prepare its forces. The intercepted messages revealed to the United States navy that an operation was forthcoming and position of the Japanese carriers in the day of the battle. This enabled Nimitz to make decisions and reconstruct a battle with considerable attention to details.

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