Sample Essay on Battle of Hastings

Battle of Hastings

Battle of Hastings took place on 14th October 1066. It was a battle between the English Army led by Anglo-Saxon King Harold II and the Norman-French Army led by Duke William II of the Normandy. This battle was fought during the conquest of Norman of England. The battle was fought about 7 miles or 11 kilometers north-western side of the Hastings. This is close to the modern day town of the Battle, East Sussex. The battle of Hastings acted as the decisive battle for the victory of the Norman.

The battle of Hastings dates back to the death of Edward the Confessor who was a childless kind in the January of 1066. This led to a struggle for succession between different claimants of his throne. Shortly after the death of Edward, Harold was declared the King and crowned but he faced invasions from William, the King of Norwegian Herald Hardrada and his brother Tostig.

Hardrada was the third Harold of Norway. Tostig and Hardrada defeated the Englishme of the army that was gathered hastily in the Fulford battle on 20th September 1066. However, Harold defeated them in turn at the Stamford Bridge battle after five days.

Hardrada and Tostig died at the Stamford battle leaving William as the only and serious opponent of Harold. William launched his invasion forces in Southern part of England at the Pensey on 28th September 1066 while Harold and the forces were resting and recovering from the battle of Stamford. This enabled William to establish beachhead for conquest of Harold’s kingdom.

The number of the forces that were present in the battle is still not known. However, it is estimated that about 10,000 from the William’s side and 7,000 from the Harold side were involved in the battle. Similarly, the composition of the forces in the battle of Hastings is still unknown. However, the army of the English was almost composed of infantry with only few archers while only a few of the invading forces were infantry, about half of them. The rest were split equally between archers and Cavalry.

Harold had tried surprising William. However, his army is reported to have been found by the scouts who reported it to William. William marched with his forces from the Hastings to the fields of battle where they confronted Harold. This battle started at around 9 am and it was fought until dusk. Early efforts by the invaders to break through the battle lines of bore no fruits.

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