Sample Essay on Battle of Gettysburg

Battle of Gettysburg

The battle of Gettysburg took place in Pennsylvania from 1st July to 3rd July 1863. It is considered as the largest battle that took place during Civil War in America. It is also the largest battle that has ever been fought in the Northern America. The battle involved about 85,000 men in the Army Union of Potomac that was under General George Gordon Meade. They were fighting against around 75,000 troops of the Army of the Confederation of Northern Virginia under General Robert Edward Lee.

The total number of casualties from the battle of Gettysburg totaled to 23,049 on the Union’s side. 3,155 died, 14,529 were wounded and 5,365 went missing. In the confederate side there were 28,063 casualties. 3,903 died, 18,735 were injured and 5,425 went missing. Over one third of the Army from the confederate army led by Lee died.

The huge irreplaceable losses that the largest army in the south suffered combined with the surrender of Vicksburg surrender of the confederate army in Mississippi on 4th July marked what is considered by most historian as the turning point of the American Civil War. However, conflict continued for almost two years and several other battles were witnessed later including Spotsylvania, Chickamauga, Nashville and Mononacy among others.

Following his success in Chancellorsville in May 1963 in Virginia, Lee led the army via Shenandoah Valley to start hisImage 2 second invasion in the North. This was known as the Gettysburg campaign. Lee had a high spirited army and he intended to shift focus of summer campaign from North Virginia that was ravaged by war to influencing politicians in the North to give up war prosecution by penetrating Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and even Philadelphia. General Joseph Hooker was prodded by Abraham Lincoln, the president to move his troops but Meade replaced him just three days to the battle.

The first collision was on 1st July 1863 at Gettysburg after which Lee concentrated his army there urgently. His aim was to engage the army of the Union destroying it completely. The Calvary division of the Union defeated low ridges in the northwestern side of the town. These reinforced the Union Infantry afterwards. However, confederate corps attached them in the North and northwestern side which led to the collapse of the Union lines that were developed hastily. This sent the defending group retreating via the streets in the town towards the hills towards the south.

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