Sample Essay on Battle of Bunker Hill

Battle of Bunker Hill

The battle of Bunker Hill occurred on June 17, 1775, after the American Revolutionary War. Thousands of American militia besieged Boston and the British were trying their best to control the city and its valuable sea ports. They also aimed at taking over the harbor in Boston, to keep it open to bring in their troops and supplies. Therefore, the British focused on two hills, the Breeds and the Bunker in order to achieve a tactical advantage. The American militia got the news and went ahead to defend the hills.

Location of Battle of the Bunker Hill

The British wanted to bombard the Americans from a distance and they thought of taking over two hills, the Bunker Hill and the Breed hill. Therefore, the battle took place on the Breeds hill, Charlestown, Massachusetts. The battle was followed by the battle of Chelsea Creek and an engagement during the 11 month of Siege of Boston in April 19, 1775 to March 17, 177. It ended with British victory.

An overview of the battle of Bunker Hill

The battle of Bunker Hill was one of the most significant battles of the American War of Independence. This followedImage 2 the first Revolutionary War at the Battle of Lexington and The Battle of Concord, the militia which took over Boston. The Americans received intelligence reports that the British under General Thomas Gage were planning to control the hills, Dorchester Heights area and Charlestown to maintain Boston harbor and acted immediately.

With more than 1000 men, the colonial militia under the leadership of William Prescott constructed ramparts and fortifications on top of the Hills and Charlestown peninsula area. The British men of war opened fire and Colonel William Prescott walked over the ramparts while his men continued to dig.

General Thomas Gage sent three thousand men to attack the Americans across Charles River. They attacked and the first two assaults were repelled by the militia. More than 1000men were injured and killed. More British soldiers were sent to Boston and by the third assault, the militia had to retreat back to Cambridge due to lack of ammunition and powder.

Leaders during the war

The British army was led by General William Howe

The Americans were led by Colonel William Prescott

Major John Pitcairn was also one of the front leaders for the British army. He was in command of the troops that started the war or fight at Lexington and started the Revolutionary War.; Israel Putnam was the General in charge for the Americans. Leading the patriot was also Dr. Joseph Warren. He played an active role in the battle but died while fighting.

Results of the Battle of Bunker Hill war

Even though the British won during the war and took over the hill, they paid heavily. Many soldiers and officers lost their lives. The Americans on the other hand were filled with a lot of courage knowing that they could stand up to their enemies, the British in a fight. Many colonists also joined the army and the revolution grew in strength.

The American Revolutionary war which included the battle of Bunker Hill became strong as it was a culmination of the American Revolution. Many American colonists rejected the legitimacy of the British to govern the 13 colonies without representation. The other interesting facts about the war is that

  • The Americans were low in ammunition and couldn’t fire until they could see the whites with their eyes
  • Troops from America worked tirelessly especially at night to build up their defense. They build a redoubt which was nearly six feet high
  • General William Howe from Britain was really astonished at the American defense and said ‘’The rebels have done more work in one night than my entire army and what it would have done in one month.’’
  • The British also suffered the most with many casualties in a single fight during the American Revolutionary War.
  • Inexperienced forces also build up their confidence and in their ability to fight the British in the war and more specifically, in the first war of the American War of Independence. This was the significance of the Battle of the Bunker Hill.

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