Sample Essay on Ancient and Modern Importance of Euphrates River

Ancient and Modern Importance of Euphrates River

About the Euphrates River

Found between Turkey, Iraq and Syria, the Euphrates River is part of the Mesopotamia River. It joins up with the Tigris River to form the Mesopotamia River. This river is 2,800 square kilometers long and it originates from Turkey, flowing through Syria before joining the Tigris River in Iraq. This river flows into the Persian Gulf where it ends.

Being the longest river in western Asia, it is regarded as an important part of the ecosystem. The importance of the Euphrates River dates back to the ancient times. Even though the river and its surrounding environment have changed, it continues to play a major role in the countries through which it flows.

Roles of the Euphrates River

The roles of the Euphrates River can be divided according to ancient and modern times. In both instances, the river has been the source of water for its environs and played a huge role in their livelihoods. The following are reasons why the Euphrates River is considered very important:

  • Source of water. From time immemorial, the people of turkey, Syria and Iraq have been depending on this river for all their water needs. Indeed, the river has provided a means for irrigating their lands which are arid and images (2)thus cannot sustain plants on their own. To date, water from this river has also been piped and is used in homes for day to day needs. There are also dams that have been constructed to harvest water from the river and divert it into manmade reservoirs.
  • Source of food. The Euphrates River is one of the sources of foods in the Mesopotamia region. Fish and other small water animals are obtained from this river. Most of the people still depend on the river for fish despite the fact that the numbers of the fish have reduced.
  • Archaeological site. Some of the remains of the early man have been excavated from the Euphrates River. This makes it an important archaeological and historical site. Many archaeologists still visit this river in search of other important historical artifacts.
  • Transport mode. The Euphrates River has been used as a transport route from the ancient time. In fact, together with the Tigris River, the Euphrates is regarded as one of the major transport routes that led to civilization during the ancient times. At the time, the river was used as a transport channel for merchants from Babylon, Assyria, Persia and other areas within the Middle East. In the modern era, there are many people and traders that still use the river as a transport channel.
  • Source of energy. One of the modern day reasons why the Euphrates River is so important is because of its role in the supply of electricity within the region. The river is used in production of hydroelectric power in Turkey, Syria and Iraq. This makes it very important as the people around the area benefit from electrical supply.
  • In the ancient days, the Euphrates River was used as a boundary between Syria and Turkey. Even though this is no longer the case, this waterway remains an important landmark in the region.

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