Sample Essay on Amazon


Amazon: The Kindle and its e-book platform

Technology is an invisible engine that has led to both new inventions and transformation of the publishing industry.Kindle and e-book platforms are major sustainable innovations within the publishing markets that are utilized by Amazon and are expected to conquer the publishing sector. Kindle touchpad and eBook platform are likely to get better with time hence their sustainability as innovative technologies. The eBook fixed layout portions formats and specs are some of the distinctive features of these innovations and they do not have encrypted formats. They are technologies designed to print books which may transition into digital aspects. Amazon’s Kindle format is likely to be sustained in order to create readable screens using modern technology.

Both innovations of Kindle and eBook platforms facilitate access of digital Amazon books and different technologies were built to sustain their existence. Kindle eBook entails utilization of e-ink screens which closely imitates the look of papers and typically does not reflect sunlight. Neither does it use power when displaying selected pages. Instead, it only utilizes adjustable power when downloading Amazon books or when the reader turns from one page to another. Sustainability of the technology applied in the Kindle touchpad is based on the fact that reading devices are energy efficient and user friendly because they are easy on the eye, especially in cases of longer reading schedules. Improved touchpads and e-book platforms have enhanced its sustainability even further  and innovation has ventured into models designed primarily as models working as tablets and eBook readers making this platform even more significant.

The innovations adopted by most of Amazon’s profitable customers has been very rapid. This is likely to be theImage 2 vital source of publishing value to Amazon because the virtual entity literally controls the entire eBook business and technology revolution. Innovations that have been carried out recently may have disruptive impact on the industry and this is because the innovations adopted by Kindle and its eBook platform will be swiftly adoptable by the publishing industry’s potential clients, especially the most profitable customers. The disruptive innovators will be driven up into the publishing present context once the innovation is on track and targeting potential customers. The innovation will have dire effects on publishing market segment that posses the lowest form of profitability.

Launching of the Kindle will directly address the valuable clientele of the industry  who are Amazon’s heavy consumers that purchase mainstream books. These are the clients that make the industry profitable and instead of considering their needs, innovations will create complexities. It will reflect on the disruptive innovations that start by addressing unprofitably within the industry. The innovations will revalue the preexisting market and its customers causing disruption.

The acts of Amazon releasing Kindle innovation can be compared to the PowerBooks iteration and this makes it a disruptive innovation. Disruption is based on impacts of technology on industry model. Disruptive measures will occur because tech-oriented online retail perspective of the publishing industry will not get a lead in the eBooks. The innovation will fail publishers because their expertise and skills during formatting transitions will be disrupted within the digital context, forcing the industry to reduce sustainable innovation investments.