Sample Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Power

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wind Power

Wind power is one of the sources of renewable energy that you can choose to tap for electricity. However, there are quite a number of things that you should know about this power source in order to make an informed decision on whether to obtain it or not when considering renewable energy. The best way to find out more about wind power is by looking at its advantages and disadvantages.

One of the greatest advantages that even make so many people choose to tap wind power for their electricity is because it is a renewable energy source. It is naturally provided by the earth and can be used for the period of a lifetime without being depleted irrespective of the quantity of consumption. You can harvest and use as much wind power as you want for as long as you want. This leads us to another advantage; it is cheaper. After the installation of equipment for harvesting wind [power like wind turbines, you will not incur any cots again for maybe maintenance or any other. The only maintenance that you can do is on the wind turbines; however, you will never incur any costs for using wind power even if it were consumed by the entire planet.

Another advantage of wind energy is that it is readily available in all parts of the world. This is beneficial because it can be readily used at the place or harvesting without being transported like the way oil is to other locations. Even though some places can be windier than others, wind is always available across the globe free of charge. In fact, wind power can be obtained in cities and even rural areas since it is available in the atmosphere. Even when it comes to harvesting, wind power does not require the construction of large plants like maybe those for coal, hydroelectric power or even oil.

Despite the numerous advantages of wind power, it also has certain setbacks that one needs to critically look into when making a decision on whether to acquire it or not. One of the disadvantages of wind power is that it is an intermittent energy source. This means that wind is never even, it keeps changing in intensity such that whenever a connection is initiated to the electrical grid, there is usually an uneven power supply. Besides, there are even certain regions like the Gulf Coast where there are too strong winds that may even damage wind turbines.

Another setback to wind power is that the storage of excess energy still presents a challenge to most people. Excess energy that is generated by wind turbines can be stored in the form of hydrogen, battery and other forms. However, this still requires more research so that the energy can become more commercially viable. Transmission of wind energy from remote locations may also be a bit challenging especially for large-sized utilities in most occasions, wind turbines are not erected in urban centers.

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