Sample Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of SWOT Analysis

Advantages and Disadvantages of SWOT Analysis

In the business sector, every entrepreneur focuses on providing goods and services that will meet clients’ needs and stand out when compared to what competitors in the same industry will offer. It is wise to define business objectives and address any challenges in the business in the most suitable manner. Such decisions are supported by SWOT analysis or well-structured brainstorming.

SWOT analysis is a tool used to structure a certain brainstorming process and makes it easy to gain collection of ideas on an issue. The popularity of SWOT [Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats] analysis is down to its flexibility and straightforwardness. This analysis tool can be applied in many projects and take care of any internal or external factors necessary in meeting certain objectives. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages that come with SWOT analysis.

Advantages of SWOT analysis

  1. Flexibility- SWOT analysis is versatile and companies can embrace them in many ways. For instance, this analysis can help in exploring the impact of introducing new services and products, easy application of new business processes and functions. This analysis is also useful in assessing efficiency of technologies, markets and vendors.
  2. Smooth application- A SWOT analysis is consistent regardless of the aim of the brainstorming session a business many be conducting. Whether it is use for strategic planning, competitive rivalry analysis or any other study, it is easy to pick out the core environmental factors that are either positive or negative for a business.
  3. No money needed- You do not have to training in order to learn how to conduct SWOT analysis. More so, you do not need external consultant to fathom how effectively this analysis tool is embraced.
  4. Multi-level analysis- Through SWOT analysis, it is easy to tackle different elements on an issue of choice and come up with possible solutions. You not only have to look at the factors that make a company shine or fail, but also easy to utilize opportunities and probable threats.
  5. Data integration- SWOT analysis involves combination of quantitative and qualitative data from different sources. This help improves decision making easy and makes coordination of operations smoother.

Disadvantages of SWOT analysis

  • Weighty items- The SWOT analysis generates a lot of issue to be tackled and this list of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats may be used inappropriately and fail to deliver the message. The analysis conducted may not provide relevant information on what an organization offers. There may be more threats than strengths in an issue of discussion.
  • Ambiguity- SWOT analysis fails to allow easy prioritization. One issue may offer a lot of strengths, but be weighted the same way as the core dangers causing a lot of problems.
  • Poor planning- SWOT analysis s ineffective when it comes to figuring out whether a company is making conscious decisions or not. It is wise to rely on tools such as statistical surveys, test-market strategy or focus group forums to tackle an issue of choice.
  • Does not offer key solutions- SWOT analysis may be limited because it does not provide key solutions to the issues that may be affecting a company. A few things are tackled may it hard to research on and evaluate other related issues. Hence, most of the information obtained is not useful.

SWOT analysis is a great tool to embrace in the business world. It helps recognized the internal strengths and weaknesses of a company and the core external opportunities and threats. For entrepreneurs who value this analysis tool, it is wise to keep in mind its central advantages and disadvantages in mind.

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