Sample Essay Islamic Perspective of Life after Death

Islamic Perspective of Life after Death

Islamic perspective of life after death holds that human existence does not end at death. Instead, humans continue to exist in form of resurrected physical and spiritual beings after human body dies. Everybody is scared of death and uncertainty of the life or what happens after death is frightening. As such, Islam perspective of life after death tries to explain what happens after one dies. According to Islam, death is a natural threshold of the next level of existence.

Islam holds that there exists a relationship between the conduct of an individual on earth and life beyond death. In the afterlife, some people will be punished while others will be rewarded in commensuration with their earthly conduct. According to Islamic teachings, a day shall come for God to resurrect and then gather the last and the first of the creation after which everyone will be judged justly.

During judgment, people will have to enter the final abode, Paradise or Hell. Islam perspective of life after death and Image 2faith are what urges people to avoid sin. In earthly life, it is normal for impious to enjoy and pious to suffer in some cases. However, Islam religion teaches that all will be judged on the Day of Judgment and that is when justice shall be served.

Faith in the life after death is among the fundamental beliefs of Muslims that one is expected to complete their faith. Rejecting life after death renders the other fundamental beliefs meaningless. Muslims explain this belief or concept of life after death and earthly conduct with example of a child that does not put their hand in a fire. This is because they know that by doing this they will burn. When the same child is required to do homework, they might feel lazy because they are not quite sure what good education can do for them in the future.

This is the same of a man who does not have faith in the Day of Judgment. To such a person, obeying or disobeying God does not have any consequence. It is difficult for such a man to lead a God-conscious life. This is because his faith in life after or even in God does not have any incentive. Thus, such a man lives in a world that is full of earthly indulgence. Islam perspective of life after death is a greater factor that determines the course of the life of a Muslim.

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