Sample Essay about Yourself

Sample Essay about Yourself

Knowing how to write a sample essay about yourself is a crucial step towards enhancing your oral and written communication skills. An essay about yourself is not quite different from other essays or academic papers and knowing how to write one can be quite beneficial to your endeavors at school and also career. With proper guidance and insights that are offered herein, you will easily find out how to develop a good essay about yourself.

A sample essay about yourself can also be called a personal essay. The aim of writing this kind of essay paper is to explain yourself to the readers by addressing your traits, talents, experiences, skills among other elements that can be used to describe you as fit for a particular position or duty.

You can be asked to write a sample essay about yourself for college admission, job application or even scholarship application. On the other hand, it can also be given as an assignment at school. Therefore, it is very important that you know how to write a good sample essay about yourself in order to be successful.

Guidelines on how to write a sample essay about yourself

Considering that there are several things you may need to discuss about yourself, writing a personal essay can sometimes seem challenging. However, there is no reason to worry, instead, read the following guidelines to easily find out how to craft a strong sample essay about yourself.

Identify the purpose or theme of the essay

Personal essay can be written for different reasons, and it is always advisable that you determine the reason for yours in advance. A personal essay can be aimed at entertaining readers, informing them and supporting or opposing a particular position.

For example, if your essay is for a job or college application, the purpose is to inform. Defining the purpose of the essay will assist you in brainstorming ideas for the essay and also choosing an ideal approach to take in writing.

Think about what to write

A personal essay should clearly describe you to the readers in such a way that one can easily know who you are by reading the paper. Although it may not say much about yourself, it should give comprehensive information that can be used to understanding the kind of a person that you are.

Therefore, it is important that you take some time to think of what to share in the essay. When doing this, always remember the purpose of the essay. There are various ideas that you can explore in writing a personal essay including overcoming obstacles, great successes among others.

Try to think of those experiences, skills and talents that can effectively describe you to the audience. It is advisable that you list as many as you can remember in order to have a variety of options to narrow down to.

Revise your points

Personal essays are often timed and you will also be given specifications on the number of words to cover in the paper. Thus, you have to properly argue out your points and come up with the key ones that can be used in giving a better description of yourself.

Depending on the purpose of the paper, carefully choose your points from the listed experiences, traits and skills. The key points should be supportive of the role that you intend the essay to play. In order to have a better flow of ideas, start by choosing the points for the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion in that order.

Try to think of the essay as a story about yourself when identifying the points to use. Your points should also include additional information or examples that will be mentioned in the paper to make a compelling discussion.

Draft an outline

After you have decided on the particular approach to pursue and main points for the paper, the details should be well listed down in an outline. This is a plan showing the various sections of the essay and points to be addressed in each.

In creating an outline, try to be as clear and brief as possible. It is advisable that you categorize your paper in three sections representing intro, body paragraphs and conclusion. Under each section, you should list down the key points that will be discussed.

After creating the outline, ensure that you carefully go through it in order to ascertain whether the points included therein are as required.

Steps on how to write an essay about yourself

Writing a sample essay about yourself entails creativity, attention to details and proper flow of ideas. Besides, the purpose of your essay must be clearly brought out to distinguish it from other kinds of essays.

Follow the procedures outlined below to easily write a personal essay.


The opening statements of an essay about yourself should tell your audience about the purpose of the essay. Besides, you should also give a brief introduction of yourself which can be done in the form of an anecdote or just a simple statement.

In order to enhance the clarity of your essay, you should also narrow down the introduction to portray a single or specific theme. There is no condition that you have to start describing yourself from the start, the story can begin from anywhere provided that you stick to the purpose of the paper.

Body paragraphs

In the body of the essay, you should give a detailed explanation of the theme, experience, skills or traits that you wish to share with the audience. In writing, give a unique idea or point in every paragraph. Besides, you should also ensure that every paragraph gives a comprehensive explanation of the point addressed therein. Use at least two examples in every paragraph to add some weight to the story.

A good personal essay paper should vividly discuss what you are bringing to the table or capable of doing in your current state.

When describing yourself, avoid vague statements and very long statements that may make your work to look substandard. You should be creative in telling your story but be careful not to deviate from the facts and important elements of the essay.

The essay can describe both your private and public life, giving information about your education, growth and even career. However, it is advisable that in case there is certain information that you do not wish to share, simply leave it out of the discussion.


The last part of the essay should give your audience the point of the story or tell them why reading the sample was important. Generally, the conclusion should briefly sum up your story and point out to any future expectations or commitments from you.

An essay about yourself should not be very long, lest it becomes boring. Make the story quite short, about just one or two pages. However, there are instances whereby you will be advised on the number of words. If so, always stick to the given word count.

Examples of Personal Essays

The following sample essays can also offer you more insights on how to write a sample essay about yourself. Carefully read them to find out how personal essays should be crafted.

Example 1

Sample essay to describe myself

‘’My name is John Smith, and I am a senior at Frederick Douglass High School. I am a good student with a 3.4 grad point average. The university that I want to attend is Georgia Tech because I want to become a civil engineer and there are many reasons why I should be enrolled. Firstly, I am a hardworking and dedicated student. Secondly, I am a friendly, sociable person. Finally, I have condemned myself to be a success…’’ To read the rest of this sample, simply click here

Example 2

Sample personal essay

‘’My name is Cassandra Duncan. I grew up as an only child and only grandchild on both sides. The youngest of all my cousins and the only child in a small neighborhood that consisted of a bunch of adults, I never really learned what it meant to just be a kid. And, I certainly never learned how to relate to other children.

Accustomed to being around primary adults, I was always mature for my age. Even my own friends often annoyed me during my adolescent years…’’ Get the whole sample on this link

Example 3

Sample personal essay for a job application

‘’Leon Thomas is the Regional Manager for American Family Insurance’s Northwestern Region. He oversees all claims and underwriting leadership for the region and serves as its liaison to the corporate office in Odenville. Originally from Odenville himself, Leon grew up just a few miles from the headquarters of the company. However, his was one of the few families in town that had no family members employed at the company…’’ Read the remaining parts of this sample on this link

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An Essay About Myself: Writing Tips and Tricks