Sample Environmental Studies Paper on Is Global Warming an Issue?

Global warming is an issue that is discussed globally. The continuous rise in temperature on the earth atmosphere and surface is called global warming. About 30%of the solar insolation that is incident on the planet is reflected back to the space through atmospheric particles and content in air and ground(Shahzad,2015). Heat has caused tens of thousands deaths across the world and is alarming for change of climatic patterns in the next century. Based on scientific predictions about the future effects of global warming heavy precipitations are likely to occur and hot heat waves will be more frequent.

Global warming impacts is felt across the world. Human activities contribute almost 75%of the greenhouse gases that bring about climate change and drought (Martens,2013). Burning down of fossils fuels produces carbon(iv)oxide and methane gas which increases the heat energy at earth atmosphere and surface. This has been linked to adverse effects such as migration of animals in search of better conditions to thrive in. The polar bear and tropical frogs are in danger of extinction due to destruction of their natural habitat.

Global warming has caused the rising of diurnal temperatures leading to melting of ice and glaciers at the polar regions. Sea levels accelerates worldwide and this trend will continue if gas emissions remain unchecked resulting to flooding(Schiermer,2011). People are the ones who are to blamed for the rising sea levels warming oceans and melting ice. Seawater acidity is increasing due to increase levels of carbon(iv)oxide. Landslides is likely to occur at the coastal areas due to melting ice endangering life. Coral reefs are also in danger as the ocean warms up.

Global warming is a challenge that needs immediate solutions to prevent further climatic changes. Green energy will save the excess consumption of power and reduce the emission of carbon(iv)oxide gas. Plastic papers needs to be recycled after use than burning them to reduce air pollution.



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