Sample Environmental Paper on Hazard Vulnerability Analysis

Hazard Vulnerability Analysis

It is important that an organization is able to prepare itself for the occurrence of the various workplace hazards that may affect its operations.  This can be attained through the analysis of known risks that an organization may be exposed to and the development of the mitigation strategies. Some of the events that my organization needs to be prepared for include safety hazards, physical hazards, chemical hazards, work organizational hazards and the biological hazards.

Safety Hazards

There are some of the materials that are used in an organization that may endanger the lives of the employees. Some of these materials include the spills on the floor, running cords, ladder and also working on the roofs. The machinery related hazards and also the electrical hazards are included as part of the safety hazards. An organization must prepare for these hazards by making sure that they install the machine guards and also encouraging the employees to ensure that the floor is clean and dry.

Physical Hazards

These are the risks that may cause harm to the company workforce. Some of the risks include radiations, extreme temperatures and noise pollution. An organization should be prepared for these hazards by ensuring that they install air conditioners to regulate the temperatures of the work place and also ensure that they satisfy the organizational needs.

Chemical Hazards

These hazards occur as a result of poor disposal of chemicals used at the workplace which may cause irritation of the skin, illnesses and also cardiovascular complications. The dangerous chemicals should be exposed in a responsible and safe manner.

Work Organizational Hazards

These hazards are responsible for the stress and strain among the workforce. This includes the workload, sexual harassment and poor working conditions. This can be eliminated by setting up guidelines for the employees to follow.

Biological Hazards

These are the risks that come as a result of working with people, plants and animals. These include insect bites, bacteria, viruses, fungi and blood fluids. The company should provide enough gloves and enhance sufficient circulation of air.