Sample English Scholarship Application Essay

Cancer is one of the major causes of death across the world. It is also the most menacing chronic condition across all ages. As a male nurse, my objective is to work with and improve the lives of children with chronic diseases, including cancer. I believe that taking care of such children has a lot of demands in terms of expectations, conceptual applications, and pragmatic considerations, and I am certain that furthering my education in nursing can foster my performance of the roles associated with this responsibility. Cancer results in a lot of social and financial losses among the affected families hence the need to find strategies for supporting the families that are affected in not only improving the quality of life of the children affected but also fostering better coping from their family members (Torpy, 2010). I desire to help in finding such strategies.

I believe that a scholarship in postgraduate nursing will help me as a nurse to build the capacity to sustainably help the children and affected families in the best way possible. I request to be considered for this scholarship for various reasons. For one, I am passionate about nursing practice, and I believe that passion is one of the key ingredients of exceptional performance in the job place. Secondly, I love children, and I like being associated with them. It is on this background of love for children that I believe I am in a good position to help children suffering from cancer and their families to cope. Indeed, studying nursing will also improve my professional capacity to take care of these children. As much as I love children and I like spending time with them, I would not want to spend time with them without adding value to their lives. It would not make sense for me to have time without additional resources for taking care of the children.

I also believe that the scholarship will help me build my skills in empathy and implementation to improve my ability to take care of children with cancer and chronic conditions. For instance, I have not worked with any cancer patients in the past, and the children that I intend to work with will most likely be difficult. Through the Greehey scholarship, I will be able to change my outlook upon life in general and develop compassion towards the sick children. I will also be able to care for the most vulnerable children among those with whom I associate. Some of the aspects of care that are taught in nursing education can help to improve the efficiency of performance with regards to home care for sick children. I believe I can execute some of the strategies outlined.

Above the contributions that nursing scholarship will have on my ability to deal with children, I also need this scholarship because I am aware that I am unable to cater for the fiscal budget associated with nursing education fully. I, therefore, appeal to Greehey to grant me this scholarship so that I may be able to build sustained interest in children’s health and to achieve my ongoing pursuit of professional and compassionate qualities that will improve the quality of lives of children in with chronic conditions. I realize that I may probably be one of the few individuals who are specifically aligned to children’s chronic conditions, and feel it somehow aligned with the general objective of Greehey scholars.






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